Never Under Estimate Simplicity

While driving up to the mountains from the plains last evening with my family, the discussion of billboards arose (as we passed many along the way.)

A person commented on how this particular sign always caught her attention. I agree, it was very effective. It showed two very large, but proportionate, blue eyes staring right at the passerby’s. It clearly conveyed its message that it was highly visible, noticeable, and a lot of people would see it. The ploy? “Advertise Here”.  The “spot” was empty (except for the advertising company advertising for itself.)

Why does it work? It ensnares the viewer, it is memorable, and it conveys the message, loud and clear but within in a micro second–while having very simple but incredibly rendered art visuals. IT wasn’t complicated but very effective as it draws the audience in, captivating and wow.

That, my friend, is effective advertising.





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