Clear the way for Productivity

Making a mountain out of a mole hill is common affliction for many suffering from a messy workspace, a cluttered desk or a huge pile of unidentifable stuff, mounting higher and higher every day. Common excuses I hear for the mess, the clutter, and oh the horrors of ever growing clutter are a few such as:

  • I am so busy
  • I am rarely at my desk
  • That is just a catch all
  • Junk Drawer/desk/landing
  • It was there when I got here/If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  • Its functional

A messy, cluttered, or “dump site” of a workstation can be overwhelming as well as being asethetically unappealing (espeically to customers/clients whom seen it as a weakness and/or as an issues–with the mindset of “if they can’t keep their space straight, how do they manage to keep clients, deadlines, projects, etc straight? Will they loose components of my project? How can they find anything0? Will this projeet get treated the same way and shuffeled amaongst the chaos?)

First impressions go a long way, not only for the client/customer but also for the employees, staffing, and for one’s own personal morale. Even if accustomed to a messy space, a new habit can be incorporated. Does it have to be grande? No nor does it have to be expensive or costly to make the conversion–although a bit of effort and “re training” is required.

Tips for re-structuring a messy desk, work station, office, or room are easily done–making the habit takes more practice!

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