An Impromptu afternoon adventure

A bit of free time between schedules left an open afternoon for me today, so i toured around on a whim, with great joy. I went walking and enjoyed whatever I happened to come across, and naturally enjoyed some sweet treats and coffee while out and about.

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Wintery wonderland

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Meeting new and fun people is always nice–and what better place than to meet them in my German courses.

Tatenda is from Zimbabwe and desired to adventure more here in Germany so we headed off together, enjoying lunch first, and then to the Monastary Ruins in Frauenalb for a wonderful and fun afternoon in the snow.

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Mixing it up with Coffee

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This evening Thomas and I drove to Karlsruhe to help reamp the battery as it had died (resulting in our car needing to be jumped) so we drove around, grabbed coffee at McDonalds (which tastes very different than the blend in the United States.)  A fun evening, taking a ‘Sunday Drive’ around the region, drinking coffee (which is always a good idea) and putting some charge back in the battery.

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Olive tapenade Salad

Fresh Spinach Leave and FeldSalat–base

Olive Tapenade (pitted black olives, olive oil, fresh basil, Roma tomato, sea salt corse chopped together)

Pikante Hummus (cooked Chick peas, a splash of lemon juice, Tahini, splash of balsamic vinaigrette)

Feta Cheese Crumbles

Dried Cranberries

Put all together and toss it all about–super yummy.




Olive Tapenade Salad–homemade/ made from scratch