A cool summer meal

Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least 10 times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.

Guy Fieri

Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad..My Recipe

1 pkg spirally pasta–cooked accordingly to the package directions–drained and cooled

2 small ripe tomatoes, chunked

1 can of sliced, pitted black olives

Sunflower Oil

6 large basil leaves, minced

1 small clove garlic, minced

the lemon juice of 1 large lemon (with pulp)

Pepper Jack Cheese, sliced into thin strips, small pieces

I mixed all ingredients with the pasta, and let chill for 20 minutes in the refrigerator–absolutely delicious—and my cooking adventures continue.

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Open Air Event, Ittersbach, One Intense Over time Game

soccer-nightWhat an intense night!!!

Thomas, Monika ( a friend of ours) and I drove to Ittersbach, with the intent of watching the Euro-cup match at the Pub— and happened upon an open air event playing the Germany Vs. Italy match at an open air event!!!

The soccer match was a big deal, going into overtime!!! Goal kicks from the marked lined were made, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, with boos made when Italy scored and cheers erupting when Germany made goals!! Germany won…by the skin of the teeth and the success of a final shot!!!

After the winning kick was scored, fireworks erupted, a live band started playing cover tunes and the crowd went wild…a fun night full of unexpected delight.



The Best Coffee–DLounge, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe


Missing the little things from back home is pretty normal, by most standards but one thing I really jonesed for was a good coffee shop that was relaxing yet fun, upbeat but comfy–and at last I found a ‘home’ coffee shop here in my area. And no, I am not doing a paid ‘pitch’ for the Dlounge, I have seriously been hunting for a good spot to relax and write in my journal….

A journal is something I keep in my bag along with several ink pens. Why?? One never knows where adventures might take me and honestly, I do not want to forget a moment of it–so if I am waiting for a friend, taking a coffee break, or about to head to a German class, a coffee is essentail and my journal is a must.

The DLounge, located on Kronenplatz in Karlsruhe, is the perfect coffee shop venue for me. The seating is comfortable, the music is always good, the coffee is hot and fresh, and the best feature…the baristas are super nice and speak English. What more could a girl ask for when getting her daily buzz?

Cafe Crema

Cafe Crema

Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany

Riding the tram (www.kvv.de) around the area has proven to be such a joy–it takes me to places I would have never known about before–like the quaint village of Fraunalb in Baden-Wurtämburg.  The videos show case some of the wonderful and beautiful aspects of the monastary ruins–



Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.

Country Roads, Rheinstetten

Sunday Drives are always lovely, especially with suprises.

The Rhein, with aid from heavy rains, ran over its banks. There is a levy that blocks the road from Rheinstetten to the next town as it is unsafe to cross–being flooded.

An adventure is wonderful–with a small price of just 2 liters of gasoline in the car and natures amazing ebbs.


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Adventures in Cooking–2 course meal

I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my

Salad and Entree

Salad and Entree


Akshay Kumar

Working on the dream list of cooking more often is becomign quite fun…groceries in Germany are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to American grocery costs.

Thomas, thankfully, is pretty open to trying new things, even when it is me that is cooking.  Spending time in the kitchen is well worth the while when there is someone to feed.

This evenings meal was a two-part evening–salad as a appetizer and then the entree. I have not quite learned or mastered the art of pairing wine or an adult beverage with food yet but one step at a time…


Baby spinach—chopped walnuts–cranberries–crumbled goat Feta cheese–diced roma tomatoes–oil and vinegar dressing


Steamed Green beens with salt, topped with sauted red bell pepper spears

Pork loins..seasoned with black pepper, garlic salt, and paprika and lightly fried on low heat in Sunflower oil.

I think food always tastes better when it is arranged in a pretty way—edible art?


Moonsbronn Church

Moosbronn, Germany

Moosbronn, Germany

moonsbronn2 moonsbronn3

According to the legend Moosalb was located
in the vicinity of the source in the village Moosbronn
at a mighty old linden wood was painted a Madonna image .
A farmhand , which broke the chain brake  his on vehicle while planting  on a steep mountain slope ,in 1680, called tothe
Virgin Mary with Mary to help and the wagon stopped .
In gratitude he founded in 1683 a small wooden chapel ,
which a
moonsbronn5ttracted pilgrims soon. 1749 present Baroque
pilgrimage church of Maria Hilf was inaugurated .



A Cool Meal

Summer Pasta Salad

Summer Pasta Salad

A light, easy meal for a hot summer evening–easily feeds 4.

1 Box of spiraly Pasta, Cooked al-dente (easily done if directions on box are followed)

1 large can of sliced black olives

6 fresh basil leaves, coarsely chopped

3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp coarse ground salt

1 cup of Feta Cheese Crumbles

1 tsp Lemon Juice

1 large tomatoe, diced

A dash of Pepper

Mix all ingredients together in a large, glass bowl. Cover and let stand (in refridgearador) for 30 minutes.

Stir and serve. It is excellent, cool, and super yummy.

The Porcelain Palace–

Amazing day!! The chapel is not normally open to tourists-visitors but today, with special perimissin, Thomas and I not only got a tour of the private chapel on estate grounds but I also was given the opprotunity to cross something off my bucket list–our guide ENCOURAGED me, with full permission (without me even asking) to ring the bell in the chapel–all after an amazing, personal tour of the estate–including the private chambers of the Margravine Franziska Sibylla Augusta of Sachsen-Lauenburg.

A week after touring the estate, Thomas and I were invited to attend a classical concert at the estate–an amazing evening where the musicians dressed in period correct costumes.  Champagne and delights were served during intermission and oh, what fun!!!

History Courtesy Wik.

Schloss Favorite is a castle on the outskirts of Rastatt-Förch in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Built by Johann Michael Ludwig Rohrer between 1710 and 1730, it was a pleasure and hunting palace (French: Maison de plaisance) used by Margravine Franziska Sibylla Augusta of Sachsen-Lauenburg, widow of Louis William, Margrave of Baden-Baden (‘Türkenlouis’). It is the oldest of the German so-called ‘Porcelain Palaces’ and the only to survive intact to this day. The castle was only used for several weeks a year as a summer residence.

The castle houses a large collection of Chinese porcelain, black lacquerwork and Schwartz Porcelain.

Address: Am Schloß Favorite 5, 76437 Rastatt, Germany