Adventures in Cooking–2 course meal

I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my

Salad and Entree
Salad and Entree


Akshay Kumar

Working on the dream list of cooking more often is becomign quite fun…groceries in Germany are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to American grocery costs.

Thomas, thankfully, is pretty open to trying new things, even when it is me that is cooking.  Spending time in the kitchen is well worth the while when there is someone to feed.

This evenings meal was a two-part evening–salad as a appetizer and then the entree. I have not quite learned or mastered the art of pairing wine or an adult beverage with food yet but one step at a time…


Baby spinach—chopped walnuts–cranberries–crumbled goat Feta cheese–diced roma tomatoes–oil and vinegar dressing


Steamed Green beens with salt, topped with sauted red bell pepper spears

Pork loins..seasoned with black pepper, garlic salt, and paprika and lightly fried on low heat in Sunflower oil.

I think food always tastes better when it is arranged in a pretty way—edible art?


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