A mistaken but tasty delivery: Vegetable Fried Rice and a Soda

Sleeping post work, my door bell rang. I woke up and told the person I would be there in a minute.

Upon answering the doorbell, there wasn’t a person on the other side of the door but there was a chinese food delivery: A large container of vegetable fried rice, no receipt, and 2 sodas. I didn’t order a delivery and I wanted to tell the delivery person that I hadn’t ordered anything and he delivered to the wrong address but the person was long gone.

So, what was a girl to do? I, of course, ate the delivery for lunch, since I was woken up and realized I was hungry. A soda and a meal on someone else’s effort. Thank you to the person who mis-delivered the food!

Making meals in a Jiffy, dump, pour, mix and go!

Sometimes we need things that are easy and don’t cost an arm and a leg while we are busy doing other things but we also don’t want to eat “junky crappy” food either. Here’s a combo that made it super easy (and I happened to pick up the soup on sale 2 weeks ago while grocery shopping.) The cornbread is technically homemade with help, a lovely combo!


Dump the Box of Soup into a medium pan, warm on medium low heat (start after you pop the cornbread into the oven)

Open the box of cornbread, dump into a mixing bowl with milk and egg (directions are on the side of the box)

Bake the Cornbread according to the package directions; you can put it into a muffin pan or in a greased 8×8 baking dish; either way works.

Once the cornbread is done and the soup is hot, serve up. I found that the cornbread and soup makes four small servings or 2 larger servings.

Keeping things simple-making thing simple-Lent Day 11

Okay, there are some days that life just needs to be made easy; yes, there are times even when i don’t want to cook for myself because I am just not feeling groovy or adventerous in making different food. When one lives alone, one gets to do all the cooking and cleaning and sometimes, a little easyness is needed!

My meal today for lunch was made easy by using sliced strawberries, bananas, chopped walnuts and a bit of feta to create a quick and easy meal for myself. Who else needs quick meals sometimes?

Meal prep, thinking ahead, lent day 5

Packing a lunch for my work tonight. We’re all thinking ahead.

I packed myself two wraps, bananas, a couple of trail mix granola bars, and raisins. I also included a little chocolate for myself as dessert. I’m excited about starting my new job tonight. Yes I’m working two jobs now technically but I’m starting a new job tonight and I’m nervous but excited and my lunch is ready.

Music to my ears–discovering new sounds!

Taking a leap forward and expanding my music play list, an adventure in discovering something outside of my normal genre and tastes! Worth sharing and one never knows who else might enjoy something that they didn’t know about before, like me!

With the New year now upon us, we can go the distance to enjoy great things!

Peyton Parrish
Peyton Parrish


A Small, quaint town in the heart of the Black Forrest, Thomas and I stopped at the Guesthause Hirch for a wonderful german meal, the church bells rang, and the service was nice, the food superb. A town that one can easily relax in and fully enjoy!!! A place to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the day. It is also easily accessible, not far from Baden Baden

One Cool Cucumber Salad


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Johannes Reuchin, Pforzheim

An impromptu afternoon in Pforzheim on a lovely day, the weather was perfect and the wind was not blowing and the sun peeked out to brighten the day.

A bit of history includes:

Johann Reuchlin was born at Pforzheim in the Black Forest in 1455, where his father was an official of the Dominican monastery. According to the fashion of the time, his name was graecized by his Italian friends into Capnion (Καπνίων), a nickname which Reuchlin used as a sort of transparent mask when he introduced himself as an interlocutor in the De Verbo Mirifico. He remained fond of his home town; he constantly calls himself Phorcensis, and in the De Verbo he ascribes to Pforzheim his inclination towards literature. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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An Evening of Chiming Bells

A long day of walking and siteseeing wound down with a lovely evening of church bells chiming to ring in the beauty of the day, which, of course, included a dark-strong coffee in a Italian cafe on the river’s edge. The river and the bells provided a lovely musical venue, with a menagerie of lyrical beauty.

There is a beautiful, old fashioned wooden bridge that crosses the river Murg, providing an exquisite view of the Murg Valley and Murg River, bubbling over stones and dancing its way through the village.  The cool, balmy air filled the senses with the delights of the earth, wood burning stoves and roasting sauages in the market square.

A delightful evening of pure enjoyment for all the senses–a quiet village well worth seeing–and a wonderful place to stay even longer.


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