Vineyards and Countryside, near Waldkirch, Germany

Annas Potthoffs 2904
Rolling Hills and Terraced Vineyards
Annas Potthoffs 2907
Rolling Hills and Terraced Vineyards, Country side near Waldkirch, Germany
Annas Potthoffs 2905
Rolling Hills and Terraced Vineyards
Annas Potthoffs 2899
The town of Waldkirch, GermanyI go to local Flea Markets–held rather frequently and find goodies–putting them on eBay to fund my adventures.  A portion of every sale also benefits a charity–the treasures are forever changing, so please, check back frequently.

Happy shopping!!


A day in Ruins, Waldkirch, Germany

Waldkirch, Germany
Marktplatz, the town center square where a lot of hubbub occurs, a great place to drink coffee and people watch
Waldkirch, Germany
The country road view of Waldkirch, a quaint small town
Waldkirch Church
A lovely church with lyrical bells chiming
Fortress--noble ruins Waldkirch, Germany
Fortress Ruins on the hillside above Waldkirch. Closed today but still beautiful. Just everyday life in Germany.

A day ‘ruined’ when taking an alternate route back to my abode. Absolutely Stunning!!!  I never found this place on a map for tourists or anything but with some digging, some history was learned and stumbling upon some ruins is a treasure—life off the beaten path sure has some old perks.

The people in this small town are also very friendly, it seems the further away from big cities, the better the atmosphere.

Creativity–for a reason

I admit it, I am a coffee and postcard addict. I crave to sample and savor beans and caffeine wherever my feet go, taking a moment to send a postcard to a friend or family member.

  I also collect ‘smashed’ pennies, kind where you insert a coin and a payment, turn the crank, and out comes a small souvenir. They provide great souvenirs and I hope to collect enough to create a charm bracelet-

I am, in short,  an adventurer with with a yearning to expereince all. Alas, adventures are not free, so I am getting creative.

I go to local Flea Markets–held rather frequently and find goodies–putting them on eBay to fund my adventures.  A portion of every sale also benefits a charity–the treasures are forever changing, so please, check back frequently.

Happy shopping!!


Over the River–and into Lauterbourg, France




A new friend’s invitation drove me to the edge, over the river, and thru the woods to a local French Restaurant—Au Bord Du Rhin

Changing countries in this part of Europe is easy, by American standards. Planes, trains, automobiles, trams and so much more make it convienent and super accesible to cross borders.

The menu was divided into three langues–French (of course), German (which I am in the prelimary classes of learning) and a very unique version of English.  When the ingredients or key words of a dish are still foreign, guessing (or asking) is best when ordering and finding yourself lucky and on the receiving end is always a pleasant surprise.

Annas Potthoffs 2888
French Desserts–Caramel Flan with a vanilla sauce and fresh fruit–including St. Johns Berries
Annas Potthoffs 2889
The Restaurant’s Logo placed artistically on a plate
Annas Potthoffs 2887
French Mouse (chocolate) with cream sauce adn fresh seasonal fruit
Annas Potthoffs 2886
Monika, a local German friend, showing me the ropes of French Cuisine–from lochs to Chevre and so much more

St. Martins Church, Ettlingen, Baden-Wartümberg, Germany

Annas Potthoffs 2774

One lovely, very sunny (and thus hot day), I leisurely went into St. Martins to enjoy the shade and for prayers.  The church was silent, in reverence of peace and quiet–the church being void of other humans.

I bolted upright from a very bizarre sound, not from the ding dang dong of the musical bells, for it was only 10:12 in the morning. Thinking something amiss, I searched for the source of the disturbance and was but awoken by the reverberations of my own rumbling snores echoing off the walls.


St. Annas Potthoffs 2780Martins Church, located in downtown Ettlingen (Kirchplatz) is a lovely place to visit–the church has different periods of construction (having been destroyed at points during previous wars.) The Spire is original and is easily seen from about anywhere in town.  Annas Potthoffs 2777

Upon looking up (once inside) the painting on the ceiling will fascinate as it is not rendered in the traditional sense.

The wooden, standardized pews are a lovely way to sit, relax and enjoy the divine presense of our Lord Saviour.



Cobble Stones, Freiberg, Germany

Once upon a time…a long, long time ago, I dreamt of excitment, not tripping over uneven cobble stones, which is how I literally stumbled across some amazing things on the streets of Freiburg–I think, therefore I am not sure, that these were once markers of cities, trades or something that were once welcome into the markets of Freiburg, and there they remain.

City Trade markers
City Trade markers

Annas Potthoffs 2788 Annas Potthoffs 2787

Celebrating my first birthday abroad–I am 21 today

Annas Potthoffs 2868
Celebrating my Birthday in Germany with a dinner in the backyard
Annas Potthoffs 2871
Celebrating my Birthday in Germany–family and friends in Ettlingen, Germany
Annas Potthoffs 2872
Celebrating my Birthday in Germany with Fabian and his sisters

I turned 21 today, for the 13th time but who is counting??

It is truly the first time, though, that I have celebrated a birthday abroad and it has been wonderful. Thomas hosted a dinner celebration in the backyard for my special day, with family and friends attending.

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany
Celebrating my Birthday in Germany


A few of the birthday gifts I received.
A few of the birthday gifts I received.

Celebrating Christmas–Wiggins, Colorado

Wiggins, Colorado
Christmas Feast
Annas Potthoffs 1823
The Nutcracker stood watch over our Feast as we all sang carols and had fun

There is no better time than now, this very Christmas season, for all of us to rededicate ourselves to the principles taught by Jesus the Christ. It is the time to love the Lord, our God, with all our heart – and our neighbors as ourselves.

Annas Potthoffs 1831
Tim, Margaret and Haake opening stockings   and feeling the furry love of our pets
Fur Babies
Peppermint and Henry taking a long winters nap


Acacia Clough
Celebrating with our furry friends


Christmas with loved ones
Christmas with loved ones
The dogs, Mitchy, Luther and Aveeno getting a Christmas dinner, too, in the kitchen.
The dogs, Mitchy, Luther and Aveeno getting a Christmas dinner, too, in the kitchen.

Mammoth Lacrosse–Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

American Lacrosse
             Colorado Mammoths
Pepsie Center, Denver, Colorado
Friends watching the Mammoth Lacrosse Game at the Pepsi Center, Prive Box, Denver, Colorado
Mammoth Lacrosse
Watching Mammoth Lacross, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado
Annas Potthoffs 1934
Tanner, Margaret, and Haake enjyoing the game from box seats.



What a fun, wonderful evening!! Friends and family enjoyed a Colorado Mammoths Lacross game and the crowds were roaring!! The skill and agility of the athletes was astounding!!!



The Beginnings of….an adventure

The start of my adventure
The Beginnings of Something wonderful

Decemeber,1997—My family and I were on vacation in Holland, riding the ICE train to Germany. My family, being 6 of us, 7 with my Uncle, were a large group, especially with our luggage.  My family filled the compartment and thus, I sat across the aisle at a small table, next to the window, where the chairs were bolted to the floorboards of the train.

A German man sat across from me, in the empty available seat, witha  rucksack in-tow and nothing more than that and a newspaper.  He struck up a conversation, after a bit, and within 3 hours, we exchanged mailing addresses and he disembarked from the train at his stop.

Letters were written, postcards exchanged and an old–fashioned pen-pal friendship blossomed.
We continued to write letters over time–sharing the simple things of life and…thus began something exquisite


A visit–or two over the years between friends

2001 Thomas came to Colorado for my Highschool Graduation
2001 Thomas came to Colorado for my Highschool Graduation

May of 2001, Thomas,  the man I met on the train,  travel

Graduation Day with Acacia Clough
Graduation Day with Acacia Clough

ed from Germany to Colorado, USA, for my Highschool graduation and stayed with my family for 2 weeks. We went to Estes Park, Colorado for a visit one day. Thomas met all of my giant family, and that is no small feat…and

Thomas and I on the Outerbanks, N.C.

We continued to write letters.

Anna and Thomas @ Carolina's Diner, Archdale, N.C.  2005
Anna and Thomas @ Carolina’s Diner, Archdale, N.C. 2005
April 2005 I was living in North Carolina, going to college, studying Fine Art at first and later on Graphic Design and Advertising. Thomas came for  10 visit, where we spent 6 days on the Outer Banks.  Our friendship continued to deepen and strengthen and…

We continued to write letters.

December 2013-January 2014–I had moved back to Colorado in May of 2012–and once again, my family (sister, brothers, parents, etc) decided to take a family vacation in the dead of Winter to Europe for Christmas.

Anna And Chub
My brother and I in Germany.

My youngest brother, at the time was living in Regensburg, Germany, having moved from Heidelburg in previous weeks.  So, after spending time in his city, I split ways for a few days to visit Thomas in Ettlingen, Germany. I surely couldn’t go to Germany without seeing Thomas, my friend

Thomas and I out for coffee, January 2014, Germany
Thomas and I out for coffee, January 2014, Germany

and penpal.

Something changed between Thomas and I but…

We continued to write letters.