German inpsired Lunch- Kalt vs. Warm Essen-Lecker!

I lived in Germany for over a year (in the northern part of the Black Forrest) and it was common to have either a “warm or cold” meal. I am not sure the inspiratoin or cultural aspect behind this but it was a “thing” for sure!

I chose a cold lunch today, German style, sans the liverwurst (I am not personally a fan of pate or organ meat, of any sort.)

I used whipped cream cheese versus pate/liverwurst on my toasted brotchen and sliced raw veggies and drank a tea with it. Lecker!

New Things for Nourhan, An adventure with my neighbor

Adventuring with a buddy is always so much fun, especially when your buddy is your Egyptian neighbor and friend. Nourhan is an international student (such a lovely lady)-so this eveing, our schedules finally aligned where we could go on an adventure together!

Nourhan spends a lot of time in the classroom and labs at Clemson University, studying hard, doing research, and working on her thesis–and hasn’t had much time to explore before now; We are making up for lost time!

We enjoyed the local history of the Maiden taking shelter along the waterfalls to escape her captors- and the history of the Stumphouse tunnel(where the Clemson Original Bleu Cheese was originally formulated and made by the old irish immigrant recipe and more!) Plus, on our way out, a fun armadillo decided to grace us with it’s presence as it crossed the road as we drove away. Nourhan hadn’t ever seen one before and asked me what it was, a cute little armadillo!

It has been a giant blessing having Nourhand as a neighbor and a friend and I am so glad she moved in next door to me!

Making a message for Nourhan’s mom

Street Statues, Froyo, and Postcards, downtown Hendersonville, Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina

Taking a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway to cross state lines in to Hendersonville, North Carolina has been so much fun! My Sweetness (aka my Sweetheart boyfriend) and I took a little day adventure and visited Hendersonville, visiting the aldstate/downtown area.

The quaint little town is nestled perfectly among the evergreens and decidious tress of the the Blue Ridge and is amazingly fragrant with the scent of flowers, honesuckle and flowers-a real treat for the nose and the eyes, not sensory overload but a perfect blend to enjoy.

We enjoyed frozen yogurt (FROYO) from the Sweet Frog shop on the corner, a lovely treat on such a warm day; across the street was a charming new and used book shop (For the Love of Books) where I purchased some great postcards (which are getting harder to find) and why I would have loved to have purchased a few dozen books offered there, I stopped at the postcards.

This quanit place is also located very close to many trails for bikeing and walking as well as being pretty close to some really cool waterfalls, from what I read.

(Don’t forget to check out my eBay, too!)

My Sweetness is being silly, as per his usual ways. It’s a sweet photo of him being himself, maybe not the best shot of me.

A race car party by Mr. Horton-Hendersonville, N.C.

A race car party at its best! Old fashioned and muscles cars were features but the best part? The race cars were the hot feature and they were all fired up! Lots of cool things to see under the hoods and the rev’s were booming loud!

Ribs were barbequed and enjoyed, along with an assortment of sides and desserts while looking and hearing the chatter about parts, paints, features and more! What a splendid day of fun under the sun, seeking and seeing the thrill of the amazing cars!

J.Ed Horton party

The flooding streets are a blessing, rain killing a drought, Wiggins, Colorado

My best friend in the whole world lives in Northeast Colorado; while his father was driving around, his dad snapped some videos of the streets flooding from the rainfall, on going a the moment. The area has been suffering from a severe shortage of rain, as had the whole state, for many years and a drought condition has occured.

Rain is such a blessing and all the water in the streets is wonderfu, who can’t help but want to share such wonderful news and blessings! Videos Courtey of C.Harris

Spicy Chili-An Artful recipe

Who doesn’t like fumctional art? This Spicy Chili Recipe is Framed and glassed (because whom doesn’t have a spatter happen periodically in the kitchen?) This recipe will be easibly accessabile haning in your home or kitchen!

Every purchase from my eBay site also helps charities (10% goes to a charity, listed on the items description) and helps supports my adventures and hobbies!

Available on eBay and handpainted by me! Happy Shopping!

Adventuring out in Oil Paint-“Starving” Artist Sale!

Yes, I brought out the paints again and here I am, nerding it up big time at home! I do work a full time job but do my art on the side, hoping and praying that my craft will one day support me!

Here is the eBay link to my newest piece! Please, feel free to make me an offer (everything that sells via my eBay also benefits a charity as well as helping to support my adventures!)

Happy Shopping

Tilapia for Two-a quick meal

Sometimes life is just crazy and we need a quick meal.

2 pieces of frozen Tilapia Filets

1 can of New Potatoes

6 green onions, trimmed and chopped

4 large radishes, chopped

Tony Satchere’s and Butter

Put butter in a deep pan, add frozen fish, seasonings, can of potatoes, and onions-put on medium heat for about 20 minutes, until fish is thoroughly cooked. Dish out on to 2 plates, with the cut radishes split between the 2 plates.


It’s so easy, so good, and pretty healthy

Love Is A sister making -A homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch

Okay, I admit, I was totally shocked today when my sister gave me a pan of homemade Strawberry Rhubarb crunch-she used our grandma’s recipe (which is my favorite). My grandma used to make it for me for my birthday every year, instead of having a cake; Grandma would make me a Crunch for me and one to share with others at the birthday event. It’s a very special treat/dessert and I don’t get it often.

When my sister and I met for our nail appointment today at the salon she stated she had something for me in her vehicle and to make sure I got it after we finished up-I never expected it to be a specail Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch!

I asked her where she found rhubarb so early in the season and she said she had put some in the freezer last season so she could make me a Crunch; it’s even sweeter that she thought ahead.

Things have been a bit weird for me these past few weeks, being without a job for a bit then getting a new job and just life in general, a special treat was especially nice! Wonderful sisters always seem to know what I need just when I need it!

A pan of Rhubarb crunch, I, of course, dug right in, before snapping a photo. It’s so yummy!

Cornmeal Chicken-Pan Fried Fritter Perfection

Yes, I have been cooking different recipes as of late to add to my cooking skills, for starter, but also to add variety to the palate, without breaking the bank or hunting all over the state for ingredients. Friends, family, pinterest, old world cook books–all are wonderful resources!

The coating for the chicken (I used chicken breasts but any cut of chicken, boneless or not would work well) is pretty easy.

The Coating:

2 cups of cornmeal flour, add salt, pepper, dehydrated onions, cumin, dry parsley flakes, italian season, and minced garlic (I used the minced garlic that comes in a jar.)

Coat each piece of chicken in egg wash and the mix, twice over each (it’s thick, but that’s the inten.) Put in a deep pan with olive oil (you can use corn oil, too, if it’s what you prefer.)

Cook the chicken until it’s about 90% cooked through, put a bag of frozen veggies on top (I used a bag of the corn, peas, corn, and green bean mix.) Cook for about 8 more minutes, pull out the chicken and veggies and plate. While the chicken is resting, make a sauce.

The sauce is from the pan “drippings”. Add a couple of spoons of the cornbread coating mix left over from the coating; mix it all together until it’s pasty and getting toasted. Add either water or chicken broth mixing slowly on medium heat and ladel over the chicken and vegetables. Serve with a side of sliced tomatoes.

Super yummy and super easy to make! It can be reduced in quantity for smaller meal or increased easily for feeding many!

A mistaken but tasty delivery: Vegetable Fried Rice and a Soda

Sleeping post work, my door bell rang. I woke up and told the person I would be there in a minute.

Upon answering the doorbell, there wasn’t a person on the other side of the door but there was a chinese food delivery: A large container of vegetable fried rice, no receipt, and 2 sodas. I didn’t order a delivery and I wanted to tell the delivery person that I hadn’t ordered anything and he delivered to the wrong address but the person was long gone.

So, what was a girl to do? I, of course, ate the delivery for lunch, since I was woken up and realized I was hungry. A soda and a meal on someone else’s effort. Thank you to the person who mis-delivered the food!

Coconut Curry Cabinet Cleanout-using up bits of this and that

Yes, I used up some ingredients I had around the kitchen. I figure there is no point in letting anything go to waste and since the items were already there it created quite a different recipe for myself and my Sweetness, whom came over for dinner for this evening.

As you can hear in the video, I hacked a little, the spices flared up and I reacted to the spicyness of it all, but it was so worth it. It turned out very flavorful and a bit spicy. My Sweetness even gave it 2 thumbs up!

Making meals in a Jiffy, dump, pour, mix and go!

Sometimes we need things that are easy and don’t cost an arm and a leg while we are busy doing other things but we also don’t want to eat “junky crappy” food either. Here’s a combo that made it super easy (and I happened to pick up the soup on sale 2 weeks ago while grocery shopping.) The cornbread is technically homemade with help, a lovely combo!


Dump the Box of Soup into a medium pan, warm on medium low heat (start after you pop the cornbread into the oven)

Open the box of cornbread, dump into a mixing bowl with milk and egg (directions are on the side of the box)

Bake the Cornbread according to the package directions; you can put it into a muffin pan or in a greased 8×8 baking dish; either way works.

Once the cornbread is done and the soup is hot, serve up. I found that the cornbread and soup makes four small servings or 2 larger servings.

A new job, employee meals included-counting one’s blessing.

Being unemployed is not for me. I prefer to work-and not just for the income to pay bills, etc. Work is a blessing and while having some down time to work on personal projects, like spring cleaning and so forth, but having a routine and a schedule is quite lovely. Strange? Perhaps but I like it. Also,I get an employee meal each shift I work, which is also awesome.

God does work in mysterious ways. Is it my dream job? No but it does provide some aspects I do enjoy, I earn a livable wage, I get a free employee meal; my coworkers are decent, nice people, and the job location isn’t too far from where I live, which is even better! The only time I prefer to commute is when I am traveling but not on a daily level.

Expanding homemade meals-homemade Thai with help

Not too many people enjoy eating the same dishes over and over and over again-especially me. So what is a girl to do? I sought out some recipes to help expand my cooking skills and meal variety. Eating out gets expensive quickly and adds to my waste line far too fast (I swim for overall benefits but also to help trim down and be more curvy!)

I purchased a jar of Thai sauce, claiming to be good for dipping and cooking and found a recipe that could use it.


2 large chicken breasts, chopped and cooked in olive oil

1 medium sized onion, chunky chopped

2 dried red spicy peppers crushed up

1 small bag of frozen brocoli florets

2 Tablespoons of Thai Peanut sauace

1/4 cup slided almonds

salt and peppper

Cook the chicken in the oil, add all the other ingredients and let simmer for 20 minutes on medium low heat. Serve! Serves 3-4 people. So Yummy!

Citrus Salmon, sauteed mushrooms and Mexican Rice, a meal for Kings; My sister and brother-in-law cooked for me!

The packing and moving of Papa from his old house to his new house is complete! The Guys with their pickups came, donning muscle and patience, got all the furniture moved from the old house to the new house;

I spent the night at my sister and brother-in-laws house; of course,I played with my godson (they asked I don’t share photos of them or my godson online and I totally respect their wishes!)It was so nice to not have to drive back and forth for the 2 days I helped Papa move houses.

When I arrived at their house, they had a super fancy meal made for me, one fit for Kings! They know I absolutely love fresh seafood, especailly Fresh Caught Atlantic Salmon! I am not sure what spice blend that my BIL used on the fish, but it was zesty with citrus and and the whole meals was outstanding!

With a full belly of great food, I played with my godson before my sister and I gave him a bath and put him to bed (he’s only a 5 months old). The meal, conversation, playing with my godson, and the whole event was just lovely!

Moving Day-Lunch at Grace’s while Helping Papa

The time has Come: Papa needed helping moving to his new residence, and not having quite started my new job yet-I drove the 70 minutes to help Papa for the day to help him finish up packing up his old residence and move him to the new place about 2 miles away.

Papa and I stopped for Lunch at Grace’s Restaurant in Honea Path, mid-day, to enjoy some food. Papa really liked that they served breakfast all day and ordered a side of sausage patties with his biscuit and gravy.

I chose the Club sandwhich and fries, which I hadn’t enjoyed a a club sandwhich in ages. Both of our meals were really good and both Papa and I drank coffee (moving takes a lot of energy, and a bit of extra pep was of course needed.)

It’s a blessing that I still have a living grandparent and one that lives so closely to me. What a blessing! It was also nice that Papa had already pre-packed some of his house and it make it all so much easier. We got everything else packed up, moved and unpacked into the new house in a bit over 8 hours, total.

The only thing left is to move the heavy furniture, which family and friends are coming over tomorrow with pickups and muscle to help move the last of it!

Happy Easter! Christ has Risen!

Lent has come to a happy end, Christ has risen from the tomb!

I watched and listened to a Easter service, live, online this morning as I was invited to an Easter Brunch with my family and Sweetheart at 12:30 pm at the Village Bakery and Cafe in Pendleton, South Carolina.

The service I watched is attached below, and yes, I am a protestant and I thoroughly enjoy the Lutheran Services and Hymns.

Lutheran Services LCMS

Spring has sprung in the South, Sneezing all the way

I had mild, seasonal allergies before moving to the South; that story is far from being true any more. I think I might be allergic to the whole state, year around, at this point. Thanks to modern science, I do take an allergy pill that really helps. Achoo!

Spring is here, even while leaving in an apartment, I still enjoy having a small “garden” on my patio. God’s pretty glory is everywhere!

Good Friday, is a blessing and a beautiful Spring day

Celebrating Good Friday means that the trials of Jesus occured and he was crucified on the cross. Jesus gave up his life to take away the sins of the world and he was taken to the tomb; while the tragedy, we know, will be altered on Easter Sunday, when he will leave the tomb, alive, it’s a time of reflection and going forward.

A day of Reflection, A harvest, a Farmer, A Crop-Lent Day 38

I came across this video I had shot for my Sweetheart, whom had never been on a farm before. I spent some time with my brother while on vacation in Colorado and thought I would share it with everyone.

Why does a farmer get an award? Because he’s outsanding in his field (a funny little play on joke!) I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with my brother, family is always a blessing!

The First Day of Spring-Lent Day 27

Spring has sprung! The calender states that today is the first day of spring but here in the Southeast, it has already been coming in heavy and strong, the trees are alreadying budding and leafing out and the pollen levels are so high already.

I helped a friend do some yard work today. Their dog, whom was “supervising” fell asleep on the job; Frisky the dog is also quite the comedian.

My friend and I went to a plant store to pick up some items and I couldn’t help but daydream of owning my own place one day and selecting an assortment of roots, bulbs, plants and other items that I would love to put into my very own yard.

I did plant some seeds in a pot at my own apartment about 10 days ago and they are already germinating and sprouting.

Garth Brooks And Answers-the past came back to me-a reflection of God’s work in my life- Lent Day #25

There is a song, titled “Unanswered Prayers” performed by Garth Brooks (the country pop star.) That I have enjoyed since I was young (I am not trying to give away my age here, I am a lady, afterall.)

The song describes/tells the story of a man whom prays that God would make the lady his, for all time.I prayed, often, that there would be someone to take care of me, and make things super easy and all would be easy street. I didn’t think God abandoned me but thought that my requests were unanswered.

In truth, the prayers didn’t fall on deaf ears but patience and in God’s great timing, the unanswered prayers will fulfilled, in not the way I was seeking but in the ways God knew I needed fullfillment.

How so? Relecting back, the prayers were answered, fulfilled, and exceeded. A friend of mine passed away and he left me a windfall, a method of giving me some financial footing in my life, something I was struggling to do myself, being taken care of, which, in turn, lead me to be able to do needed things in my life- as well as giving me a bit of security in financial savings. I did receive help, just not in ways I was thinking I need or expected.

After all, God is control!

Spring Cleaning-because I don’t have a maid-Lent Day 23

Adulthood, an awesome state of being that sometimes gets ahead of even the most well intentioned people.

As I wrote before in previous articles, I was adjusting to a new job at the factory, which was a short lived, temporary job. The temp job ended abruptly, so while I have some down time (as I am unemployed at the moment) Spring cleaning is occuring at my tiny apartment. While I believe spring cleaning is a pretty normal behavior/activity, it is also giving me the opprotunity to clear some of the clutter from my heart and my mind.

Pary of the clutter in my mind is being unemployed. I wasn’t expecting that the factory job to be so temporary and honestly, it has made me feel edgy not being employed. As the Scripture below states, I need to not be anxious as it is all in God’s hands.

Celebrating a Baptism During Lent, Lent Day 19

My Godson got baptised today, a wonderful occurence to dedicate him to God in front of family and friends.

The church in which the parents got him dedicated is nearby, so they will be able to regularly attend church and teach their son the wonderful bible stories, having a family in God, and continue to have faith in Christ and growth as their family grows.

I hope you all enjoy the service!

Adjusting to changes, making a positive step forward during, iced coffee to Stop A Minit, committing the rest to God-Lent Day 14

Okay, so time has sped by here lately, as it often does during adulthood. Time has flown by so quickly that my wooden spoon microphone has even been neglected and my feet are feeling the fire.

Taking a leap of faith and starting a new job, new not only in the job itself, but new in the factors of using a temp agency, taking on factory work, working an assembly line, leaving food service and retail has been challenging on every front. Add in another factor, work 4-10 hour shifts, the adjustment and transition period is putting my “norm” in a whirlwind of changes.

In truth, I would like to be handling it with a lot more ease and skill but each day has proven to be a bit different-from adjusting my sleep period (I have worked nights for years but never 10 hour shifts), switching swimming times (which, admittedly, my swimming has sometimes taken the back burner while adjusting) and picking up pre-crafted Sandwhiches and Salads at the grocery store have become the norm. Frustrating, yes! Wonky? Certaintly! Will it all work out for the best? I pray for it. I commit the unknown the God and the rest will be taken care of, despite my wonkyness, it is in his hands.

Keeping things simple-making thing simple-Lent Day 11

Okay, there are some days that life just needs to be made easy; yes, there are times even when i don’t want to cook for myself because I am just not feeling groovy or adventerous in making different food. When one lives alone, one gets to do all the cooking and cleaning and sometimes, a little easyness is needed!

My meal today for lunch was made easy by using sliced strawberries, bananas, chopped walnuts and a bit of feta to create a quick and easy meal for myself. Who else needs quick meals sometimes?

A flaky, layered, Honey Dessert-Lent Day 10

My Neighbor is from Alexandria, Egypt-and her friendship has been a really nice gift to me. It’s so nice to have someone to chat with that lives so close; a lady friend to share odds and end with and today, she shared a Egyptian dessert with me. She had atteneded an event that served international cuisine through her college, hosted by a professor and she brought me a dessert commonly served in Egypt.

I love that she shared a bit of her home food with me! It’s honey and has maybe a bit of cinnamon in it? It’s an adventure with food and having someone bring me something so special melts my heart.

In truth? If Egyptian food is all similiar to this and the other food Nour (my neighbor) has made and shared, I am more than happy to try new things. God’s goodness can be seen in many forms, through the kindness of a neighbor, the delight in sharing a meal together and more.

Tea for One, A steamy cup on a cold day ; Lent Day 9

Taking a moment to slow day and enjoy the day, with the cold, chilly weather outside. Being thankful, especially today, that I don’t have to work outside and have something lovely to enjoy; prayer time, and being thankful, in my opinion, can happen anywhere, any time.

Devoting time, each day, to prayer and quiet time has proven to be very good for me; it helps to strengthen my time with God and during Lent, I am striving to do more of this.

Perking up by using Stars, reducing stress, Lent day 7

During this Lenton season, reducing my stress and doing better at living life, a good cup of joe is called for, the local Starbucks is just around the corner from my house and the baristas are so nice! I am enjoying a Cinnamon Dulce breve latte, paid for with bonus stars! Prayers and coffee are an essential.

Enjoying a hobby, taking pleasure in quiet time, Lent Day 6

A friend introduced me to knitting a couple of years ago; I still am learning and building my skills but taking the time to enjoy the hobby and be content in a quiet, home hobby is important, at least in my opinion, in a person’s well being. I find it also helps reduce my stress and it feels great to have a hobby that produces something pretty.

I am currently using up some leftover skeins from other projects and skeins that were partial when purchased (grab bags from thrift stores, goody bags from yard sales, etc.) I also de-constructed a couple of practice pieces to add to the large throw/small blanket that is my current knitting project.

Changing routine,saying No, struggling to make tasteful breakfast: Adventures in the home kitchen, Lent Day 4

This morning, about 90 minutes ago, I struggled big time. My co-worker, in efforts to be super sweet and nice, offered me a McDonald’s breakfast sandwhich when she came into work. The sandwhich smelled wonderful; I really wanted to say yes and gobble it down with delight.

I politely declined, despite my tummy rumbling, my mouthing salvating with the warm aromas wafting from the paper wrapped food.. She asked if I didn’t care for McDonalds, I told her, no, I absolutely love McDonald’s breakfast sandwhichs but I am giving up fast food for Lent.Her face turned quizical in expression and I gave the brief description that Lent is the 40 days before Easter and many Catholics and Protestants give up something during this period as part of their faith and journey. I wasn’t expecting this struggle this morning at all.

While on my way to my job, I do pass several fast food chains to and from work. In the past, even recently, especially on the days I go to the Rec center to swim, I often imbibed and picked up a breakfast at one of the fast food chains;it makes things easier and tasty for me before I hit the lanes for laps. I can eat in my car (likely not a good habit to have anyway) and then realizse, as I evaluate my bank account weekly, just how much I am/was spending on fast food-especially lately as I have become passive, lazy about making breakfast for myself. But when does easy and convienent become a lifestyle? Why is this passively okay for when it’s not really okay as a norm? These are the questions I ask myself-and many more.

One lingering question, just a few days into Lent, is how do I make/cook more interesting food for myself? There are times, when I do need a quick meal, and I am learning that I need, at times, to practice better time management since I am eating solely homecooked meals at this point-with the exception of when I get invited to a family or friends house for dinner (or the like.) I didn’t anticipate that the struggle would also be with getting tired of my usual routine meals and recipes, especially so quickly.

While I did make myself breakfast (seen below), and while it settles down, I wonder, what easy meals can I make myself on short notice or with some prep work that are tasty and contian easily found ingredients? Please, do comment and share if you have ideas!

  • Multigrain Flat Bread
  • 1 green onion
  • One small carrot shredded
  • 1 tablespoon cream cheese
  • 1/2 an avacodo
  • 1 teaspoon parmesan cheese
  • Drizzle of Thousand Island Dressing
  • Left over Chicken breast shredded up

Spread the cream cheese on the flat bread, load veggies and avacado on top,add chicken, sprinkle parmesan and drizzle thousand island dress, roll up like a buritto. I also drank cold drip coffee with it. It was a B- meal.

A Sweet fruity Appetizer Lent day 3

Since I have given up fast food for lent, I am doing all of the cooking at home or going over to a friend or family for meals. Therefore I’m having to get creative. I was having a hankering for a fast food milkshake but that’s not allowed right now. I decided to make it healthier choice at home.

  • 1 banana sliced
  • 5 large strawberries sliced
  • 1 tablespoon feta crumbles
  • 1tsp flax seed
  • 2 Tblsp chopped walnut
  • a drizzle real honey
  • Mix everything together and enjoy

Lent, Day 2, A mild headache and a craving

I gave up Dr. Pepper and fast food for lent, not a secret, but the lack of fizzy caffeine and sweetness is already greatly “missed” by my body.The fast food craving and hankerings haven’t kicked in, which I am thankful. A full glass of water and a little nap have helped to curb the headache but the craving remains.

The challenge, though, will come this evening when I return to work after a couple of routine days off. Why a challenge? There is a soda fountain and each employee gets unlimited free sodas from the fountain as a perk of the job, Dr. Pepper included. I really like Dr. Pepper. While there isn’t anything wrong with Dr. Pepper, it’s a fabulous product, I gave it up for Lent as I feel like I had become “dependent” on the product, drinking more of it than I would anything else, despite having lots of other options at home and other places, including healthier choices like herbal hot or iced tea, water, milk, or something different.

I have often packed my lunch for work before and now will continue to pack a lunch for myself each shift I work, using a cute Jurrassic World tin square lunch box I received as a Christmas gift. A bit of preperation and effort, meals at work will be delicious and as easy as fast food, but better for the mind and body, giving the proper nutrition for myself and time to focus on better things and spiritual growth.

A friend of mine is in support of giving up Dr. Pepper but inquired as to why do it for Lent;

Here’s a basic description of why we do it;

Fasting, or giving something up, is a very common practice during Lent. The idea is that giving up something that’s a regular part of life, like eating dessert or scrolling through Facebook, can be a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice. That time can also be replaced with more time connecting with God.

Want to share a treat with an Adventure? Click on this Amazon link and share the joy

Day 1 Of Lent-Making Things Better

Lent has officiailly begun as of today. It’s 40 days until Easter morning, when Jesus will rise from the tomb, after being crucified and buried, he will rise again but until then, the period of Lent signifies the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, fasting and praying.

Is this the “norm” for my blog? Not quite my standard, here at least, no. Adventures of faith is not a way I would describe it, as faith is a daily aspect for me and sharing is perhaps a better way of expressing it.

For inquiring minds, no, I am not Catholic (although my Sweetness is Roman Catholic). I was raised and remain Lutheran (the sect that broke off from The Roman Catholic Church during the Reformatoin in Worms, Germany when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesesis on the doors of the Church in Wurtemburg, Germany).

In many sectors of Christianity, the celebration of the Lenten period, giving up something “valuable” or adding something to positively change/alter the person’s life, as part of their faith, is often practiced in honor of Jesus’s time in the desert, leading up to his trial.

This year, after much prayer and consideration, I decided to give up Dr. Pepper (and I am a Dr. Pepper “junkie”) and fast food-while I am a big “fan” of nuggests and sub sandwhiches and really hot, deep fried french fries, I will forego these delights during the Lent period.

I am choosing to add something positive this year by working on my list of things to do, to make progress in my own life in good, positive ways, like finishing a knitted throw that I have been somewhat putting off and on for months, working on getting admitted to a local college to finish my bachelors degree, spending more time with my Godson (he is just a few months old), landing better employment to adequately support myself better and therefore reducing my stress (leaving my mind more open to better, stress free things.) The list goes on and on. Writing on my blog is another aspect of self-improvement and doing things that are good for me (even though I stress about spending quality time and such on myself, another aspect of doing better that will be worked on During Lent.) Stagnant, that is where my personal improvement and bettering myself has been as of late and Making Things Better is the positive aspect and component I intend of working on during Lent, to walk with Jesus more.

Sunshine, Sail boat and a State Park-Sitting on the dock of the “bay” at Tugaloo State Park, Gum Log, Georgia

Sitting on the dock of the “bay” is somewhat accurate, I enjoyed the sunshine on the banks of the Gum Log River/Lake Hartwell conjunction at Tugaloo State Park today, just outside of Gum Log, Georgia. A short, 30 minute drive from Pickens County, an adventure beckoned with such fine and fair weather.

I briefly stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center (after drinking 2 bottles of Spring Water) after I crossed state lines and inquired of the attendant (a very nice lady, whom not only was well informed and educated). She made the recommendation of Tugaloo State park, describing it as a quiet, local venue with superb scenery, amenities, and much more. She wasn’t wrong, she hit the nail on the head for this adventure!

The weather was, indeed, superb. The sun shone brightly, a nice breeze whisped it way through the trees, creating a ripple on the river and lake, and one could hear the birds chirping, traffic was at a bare minimum, and the delights were enjoyed. Stopping by the Rangers station, I purchased a day pass for my vehicle ($5 is a great price for a day pass for a park and allows abundant time to enjoy.) The Ranger Station also offered a small selection of postcards, so of course, I purchased a few to share with family and friends.

A first occured for me, being that I never witnessed a boat being launched before and today, the experience presented itself to me. I am not boat expert but the man did have an externial propellar motor and a sail rigged up and watching the man get the boat down the ramp and unloaded into the water from the trailer was quite interesting. (See the video below)

My packed picnic was unpacked on a park bench (with a small “picnic blanket”) and I soaked in the sunshine, enjoyed a 15 minute trail walk and simply, sat on the dockside of the area, enjoying nature’s finest.

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Fat Tuesday, Celebrating before Lent

Celebrations are running rampant today around the world and while I am not attending a celebration of Mardi Gras/Carnival/Fat Tuesday myself today, I participated in the past by attending Carnival in Ettlingen, Germany (where these photos were snapped in 2017).

Mardi Gras is a time of celebration and indulgence, of many things. Parties and street fairs and performances are loud, joyous and colorful. Hoops, hollering, music and dancing are everywhere, people wiggling and jiggling to all sorts of festivities, before Lent starts tomorrow; celebrating before the 40 days of Lent bring changes to their lives.

This year, my celebrations for Mardi Gras are cleaning house and catching up on things that need to be done, exciting? Not really but it still feels good to get stuff knocked out!

Dock Side Style Spicy Cod Dinner with Singing (wooden spoon edition)

Rising prices in eating out, inflation can be felt nearly every where these days but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to eat something tasty, go on date night or want to serve/dive into good meals. Eating is an essential but it should also be a nutrious joy, too!

I am a huge fan of getting good steals, using coupons and shopping local–thankfully, Aldi’s stores has had a good selection and price on fish lately and it has made cooking this winter a lot easier.

Tonights pre-dinner entertainment was provided by myself, compliments of singing to Ed Sheeran and my trusty wooden spoon was the microphone. My apologies to the neighbors and to my Sweetness, who was delighted to hear that super was being served and my horrid redentions were over.

  • 4-6 Pieces of Frozen North Atlantic Cod (thawed)
  • 2 Cans of Green Beans, drained
  • 1 cup white rice (not boil in the bag)
  • Lemon Pepper, Salt Pepper, Garlic Powder, Cajun Spice, Lemon Zest, Cayenne Pepper, 3 cups of Corn flour, French Onions (course crumbled)
  • 2 -3 eggs
  • Oil for frying

Crack the eggs in one bowl, in a second bowl, mix the corn flour and all the spices and herbs

Dip/Run each pieces of fish through the beaten eggs, thoroughly, and heavily coat in the corn flour mix, place in cast iron frying pan (with about an inch of oil of your choice in the bottom).

Make Rice in a seperate pot or in a rice cooker, adding 2 tsp of old bay seasoning or lemon pepper plus a little splash of oil.

Fry Fish on medium heat until fish is thoroughly cooked and crunch on both sides.

Warm Green beans

Plate a bit of each item on to a plate and serve. You can now unplug your wooden spoon “microphone” and put in the dishwasher.

Merry Christmas! Yes, I believe in Santa.

While having to work on Christmas morning, I decked myself out in Jingle Wear as the Elves are always around! One never knows who might be watching to put you on the naughty or nice list, too.

Yes, I am at work in some of the photos, and because I work with the public, wishing the customers a Merry Christmas is essential to me. I always find it interesting who comes through, especailly during the holiday seasons as travelers and locals alike mix together and create quite a fun variety. In truth, too, I don’t mind if someone wishes me a Happy Hannukah in exchange, to each may celebrate as they enjoy while me and my loved ones celebrate Christmas.

Later on today, I am super stoked and excited the birth of our Saviour with my sister, brother-in-law, my Sweetness, my Papa, and my Godson, always exciting and, of course, all the pets will be included in the festivities as well, playing their reindeer games!

Merry Christmas!

Tilapia “Bowl”, Super Easy Homemade Meal

Tilapia “Bowl”

Bottom Layer: Steamed White Rice (you can use a rice cooker, too)

Middle Layer: Open a Can of Turnip greens, warm on the stove with a pinch of salt and pepper

Top Layer: A Piece of Tilapia (I used frozen fillets) coated in flour (mixed with a dash of salt, cayenne pepper, ground cumin and lemon zest, shaken all together in a resealable zip lock baggie that I can put the fish into and shake about to coat the fillets). Fry the fish in a skillet with a bit of oil on the bottom to make it nice and crunchy.

Top of it all off with a little bit of butter and lemon juice drizzle for a super easy meal, inexpensive for a family.

Unexpected Lovelyness

As the titles states, unexpected surprises pop up, especially on adventures it seems. Meeting new people, making new friends, trying new foods and stumbling across venues and events are always such a delight!! Below, are just a few of the recent, lovely surprises  I have been blessed to enjoy while here in the Highlands of Scotland. I hope you enjoy as well.!!!

Discovering Inverness with New Found Friends

Adventures are always more fun when you make new friends and discover things together! Wandering around is always a new way to experience things!

Erin McMillian and I go for coffee

Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (near Banchory)

Crathes Castle is a place that dreams are made of and fantastical stories are written about-an abundance of beauty, history and a stunning gardens, well kept and outstanding!

It’s on the National Historical marker and “free” when you purchase a historical place (well worth the money to buy one!) I wouldn’t have known about this stunning secret if I hadn’t purchased the historical pass.

I tried stuffed tatties for the first time in my life at the cafe inside the castle, also awesome! The place offers the perfect get away and is an easy walk from the bus stop (the regional bus driver knew where to drop me off when I inquired!)

Wear comfortable shoes as the gardens are extensive, as is the castle, stretch out and enjoy all the beauty this castle has to offer! I absolutely love it here yes, while my article here does sound like an “advertisement’ to sell this place as an adventure, it’s all true (and no, it’s not sponsoring me, I am just seriously enjoying the place and want to share this secret with others!)

It’s a historical treasure that I would love to call home, assuming I won the huge lottery and it was for sale (which it’s not because it’s on the historical treasury!)

Dancing our way to dinner, High Street, Inverness, Scotland

You never know how you are going to meet people, over coffee? Perhaps, but dancing while dinner finishes so we can all eat family style, speaking many languages never was so easy as dancing before dinner—where we all made food and brought it to the table.

The accomodation hosted a kitchen with many small stoves and lots of counter top and all of us were hungry so each of us made a small platter of goodies and passed the platters around to eat as one! Blessings come in many forms.

City Hostel, High Street, Inverness Scotland