German inpsired Lunch- Kalt vs. Warm Essen-Lecker!

I lived in Germany for over a year (in the northern part of the Black Forrest) and it was common to have either a “warm or cold” meal. I am not sure the inspiratoin or cultural aspect behind this but it was a “thing” for sure!

I chose a cold lunch today, German style, sans the liverwurst (I am not personally a fan of pate or organ meat, of any sort.)

I used whipped cream cheese versus pate/liverwurst on my toasted brotchen and sliced raw veggies and drank a tea with it. Lecker!

New Things for Nourhan, An adventure with my neighbor

Adventuring with a buddy is always so much fun, especially when your buddy is your Egyptian neighbor and friend. Nourhan is an international student (such a lovely lady)-so this eveing, our schedules finally aligned where we could go on an adventure together!

Nourhan spends a lot of time in the classroom and labs at Clemson University, studying hard, doing research, and working on her thesis–and hasn’t had much time to explore before now; We are making up for lost time!

We enjoyed the local history of the Maiden taking shelter along the waterfalls to escape her captors- and the history of the Stumphouse tunnel(where the Clemson Original Bleu Cheese was originally formulated and made by the old irish immigrant recipe and more!) Plus, on our way out, a fun armadillo decided to grace us with it’s presence as it crossed the road as we drove away. Nourhan hadn’t ever seen one before and asked me what it was, a cute little armadillo!

It has been a giant blessing having Nourhand as a neighbor and a friend and I am so glad she moved in next door to me!

Making a message for Nourhan’s mom

Street Statues, Froyo, and Postcards, downtown Hendersonville, Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina

Taking a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway to cross state lines in to Hendersonville, North Carolina has been so much fun! My Sweetness (aka my Sweetheart boyfriend) and I took a little day adventure and visited Hendersonville, visiting the aldstate/downtown area.

The quaint little town is nestled perfectly among the evergreens and decidious tress of the the Blue Ridge and is amazingly fragrant with the scent of flowers, honesuckle and flowers-a real treat for the nose and the eyes, not sensory overload but a perfect blend to enjoy.

We enjoyed frozen yogurt (FROYO) from the Sweet Frog shop on the corner, a lovely treat on such a warm day; across the street was a charming new and used book shop (For the Love of Books) where I purchased some great postcards (which are getting harder to find) and why I would have loved to have purchased a few dozen books offered there, I stopped at the postcards.

This quanit place is also located very close to many trails for bikeing and walking as well as being pretty close to some really cool waterfalls, from what I read.

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My Sweetness is being silly, as per his usual ways. It’s a sweet photo of him being himself, maybe not the best shot of me.

A race car party by Mr. Horton-Hendersonville, N.C.

A race car party at its best! Old fashioned and muscles cars were features but the best part? The race cars were the hot feature and they were all fired up! Lots of cool things to see under the hoods and the rev’s were booming loud!

Ribs were barbequed and enjoyed, along with an assortment of sides and desserts while looking and hearing the chatter about parts, paints, features and more! What a splendid day of fun under the sun, seeking and seeing the thrill of the amazing cars!

J.Ed Horton party

The flooding streets are a blessing, rain killing a drought, Wiggins, Colorado

My best friend in the whole world lives in Northeast Colorado; while his father was driving around, his dad snapped some videos of the streets flooding from the rainfall, on going a the moment. The area has been suffering from a severe shortage of rain, as had the whole state, for many years and a drought condition has occured.

Rain is such a blessing and all the water in the streets is wonderfu, who can’t help but want to share such wonderful news and blessings! Videos Courtey of C.Harris

Spicy Chili-An Artful recipe

Who doesn’t like fumctional art? This Spicy Chili Recipe is Framed and glassed (because whom doesn’t have a spatter happen periodically in the kitchen?) This recipe will be easibly accessabile haning in your home or kitchen!

Every purchase from my eBay site also helps charities (10% goes to a charity, listed on the items description) and helps supports my adventures and hobbies!

Available on eBay and handpainted by me! Happy Shopping!

Adventuring out in Oil Paint-“Starving” Artist Sale!

Yes, I brought out the paints again and here I am, nerding it up big time at home! I do work a full time job but do my art on the side, hoping and praying that my craft will one day support me!

Here is the eBay link to my newest piece! Please, feel free to make me an offer (everything that sells via my eBay also benefits a charity as well as helping to support my adventures!)

Happy Shopping

Tilapia for Two-a quick meal

Sometimes life is just crazy and we need a quick meal.

2 pieces of frozen Tilapia Filets

1 can of New Potatoes

6 green onions, trimmed and chopped

4 large radishes, chopped

Tony Satchere’s and Butter

Put butter in a deep pan, add frozen fish, seasonings, can of potatoes, and onions-put on medium heat for about 20 minutes, until fish is thoroughly cooked. Dish out on to 2 plates, with the cut radishes split between the 2 plates.


It’s so easy, so good, and pretty healthy

Love Is A sister making -A homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch

Okay, I admit, I was totally shocked today when my sister gave me a pan of homemade Strawberry Rhubarb crunch-she used our grandma’s recipe (which is my favorite). My grandma used to make it for me for my birthday every year, instead of having a cake; Grandma would make me a Crunch for me and one to share with others at the birthday event. It’s a very special treat/dessert and I don’t get it often.

When my sister and I met for our nail appointment today at the salon she stated she had something for me in her vehicle and to make sure I got it after we finished up-I never expected it to be a specail Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch!

I asked her where she found rhubarb so early in the season and she said she had put some in the freezer last season so she could make me a Crunch; it’s even sweeter that she thought ahead.

Things have been a bit weird for me these past few weeks, being without a job for a bit then getting a new job and just life in general, a special treat was especially nice! Wonderful sisters always seem to know what I need just when I need it!

A pan of Rhubarb crunch, I, of course, dug right in, before snapping a photo. It’s so yummy!