Street Statues, Froyo, and Postcards, downtown Hendersonville, Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina

Taking a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway to cross state lines in to Hendersonville, North Carolina has been so much fun! My Sweetness (aka my Sweetheart boyfriend) and I took a little day adventure and visited Hendersonville, visiting the aldstate/downtown area.

The quaint little town is nestled perfectly among the evergreens and decidious tress of the the Blue Ridge and is amazingly fragrant with the scent of flowers, honesuckle and flowers-a real treat for the nose and the eyes, not sensory overload but a perfect blend to enjoy.

We enjoyed frozen yogurt (FROYO) from the Sweet Frog shop on the corner, a lovely treat on such a warm day; across the street was a charming new and used book shop (For the Love of Books) where I purchased some great postcards (which are getting harder to find) and why I would have loved to have purchased a few dozen books offered there, I stopped at the postcards.

This quanit place is also located very close to many trails for bikeing and walking as well as being pretty close to some really cool waterfalls, from what I read.

(Don’t forget to check out my eBay, too!)

My Sweetness is being silly, as per his usual ways. It’s a sweet photo of him being himself, maybe not the best shot of me.

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