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Dancing Snowmen and Christmas Trees, Original Oil Painting on Canvas, Framed, Support an Artist & Traveler

Fa-la-la-la-la-de-dah! Christmas bells are ringing!

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Pickens for Autumn, Changing of the leaves in Pickens County, South Carolina

Nature’s hues put pantone to shame. Rich, saturated colors of oranges, burgundy, crimson, spices, golds, and so many more shades that words can not describe or depict!

The Sunday drive on a Tuesday proved fruitful and the cool, crisp air and carolina blue skies made for a perfect day of wandering and sipping coffee.

Got caught in a jam? Call David Jones, Bail Bondsman

Making it through the airports, tricks and tips

Traveling by plane, in my opinion, is fun but sometimes it can be a bit odd and ackward, whether you have layovers or direct flights. Having flown domestic and international flights, I learned a few things with the travel.

Here are some tricks and tips that I have learned/gleaned from flying:

  1. Carry at least a little bit of cash, some venues only accept cash or after hours, vending machines are the only thing available. Plus, luggage carts are a nice perk at the end of a journey and many only take cash.
  2. Wear something comfortable and appropriate (I have never understood traveling in lounge/pajama wear), limit jewelry as no one ones to loose a cuff link or earring while in transit
  3. Carry a phone charger and outlet plug with you, many airlines don’t have inflight outlets, charge devices in airport or at home.
  4. When in the airport, especially if you have a layover, pick up postcard and send it to someone, a little note to say hello, a thank you, or send it to yourself. A little note goes a long way
  5. Pack your carry on and personal item as light as possible, remember, you are carrying these items, sometimes a lot.
  6. Avoid or limit alcohol consumption, intoxicated people aren’t often allowed to board, especially if the person is “acting up”
  7. Carry a small book or small project to work on, especially if the flight is long. Especially important with children.
  8. Carry your own snacks and beverages (check with your airline for regulation), in-flight snacks/options are not often given or “tasty” in variety
  9. Go to the restroom before boarding, no matter one’s size or shape, airline toilets are cramped, tight and not comfy
  10. If you like to sleep on the plane, carrying/taking a “u” shapped pillow or similiar item will be a nice luxury (I use a teddy bear that I travel with, it’s a pillow, a back prop,, a camera/phone holder for photo opprotunites, etc)
  11. If you are early for your flight or have a layover, wonder around the terminal, You often find interesting statues or other “treasures” that could be fun to read about or share via photo.
  12. Keep/use a print out-paper of your flight itineraries. It’s a sure fire back up incase your phone dies, the internet isn’t working, or your 2 year old nephew got a hold of your phone and deleted or moved the QR code and confirmation email.
  13. Make sure your ID’s are current, active, and in guidelines with traveling. the “real ID” is often required or another qualified issued government ID.
  14. For the comfort of yourself and others, practice extra good hygiene. People will be in close quarters.

I hope these tips are helpful and useful as you travel.

A Rush to see 4 Presidents–Best Friends Road Trip to Mt. Rushmore!

An adventure of a lifetime with my bestest friend in the whole world! Kevin planned it out for us, which was a huge treat for me. I flew into Colorado to join forces with Kevin and then off we went!

Mt. Rushmore, featuring 4 U.S. carved into the Black hills, is absolutely stunning! The entrance to the national monument is free but it does cost a minimal price to park (and we got rock star parking near the entrance!)

While it was hot, hence the floppy hat donned by me, it was a picture perfect day in South Dakota! Kevin’s fit bit marked that we walked almost 2 miles around the site and it was well worth the tired feet. The park does offer plenty of photo opprotunities and places to relax and take in the views, which is awesome when you are with your bestest friend and want to soak it all in!

Along the walk way, each state is represented with a flag and a stone marker of when it was inducted into the USA, as a state officially, which is rather interesting. I learned that my home base state was inducted after Nebraska, which is suprising but both states were part of the Louisianna purchase, so all is good.

Kevin and I enjoyed the day thoroughly and even purchased a few postcards (will come in another post.)

Choke Cherry Chicken and Potatoes-one pot dish

3 medium/large chicken breasts (bone in or out, your choice)

1 pound of baby carrots

2 toes of garlic, finely chunked

4 red potatoes, washed and chunked

4 oz of choke cherry preserves

2 tsp Tony S. seasoning blend

1 tablespoon olive oil

Rub olive oil over the bottom of a glass baking dish, dump everything else in, bake for for an hour or so at 350 degrees or until chicken is cooked and potatoes are done. Serves 6

The local critters and joys of my neighborhood

Living near a watershed and Lake Hartwell and Seneca River provides ample opprotunity for critters and the like to wonder into my neighborhood, which is an absolute delight. The flora and fauna is also quite stunning!

Some of these items were seen as I enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood and some things ended up on my porch, willingly to hang out with me! Life is always interesting.