Street Statues, Froyo, and Postcards, downtown Hendersonville, Blue Ridge Parkway-North Carolina

Taking a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway to cross state lines in to Hendersonville, North Carolina has been so much fun! My Sweetness (aka my Sweetheart boyfriend) and I took a little day adventure and visited Hendersonville, visiting the aldstate/downtown area.

The quaint little town is nestled perfectly among the evergreens and decidious tress of the the Blue Ridge and is amazingly fragrant with the scent of flowers, honesuckle and flowers-a real treat for the nose and the eyes, not sensory overload but a perfect blend to enjoy.

We enjoyed frozen yogurt (FROYO) from the Sweet Frog shop on the corner, a lovely treat on such a warm day; across the street was a charming new and used book shop (For the Love of Books) where I purchased some great postcards (which are getting harder to find) and why I would have loved to have purchased a few dozen books offered there, I stopped at the postcards.

This quanit place is also located very close to many trails for bikeing and walking as well as being pretty close to some really cool waterfalls, from what I read.

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My Sweetness is being silly, as per his usual ways. It’s a sweet photo of him being himself, maybe not the best shot of me.

Love Is A sister making -A homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch

Okay, I admit, I was totally shocked today when my sister gave me a pan of homemade Strawberry Rhubarb crunch-she used our grandma’s recipe (which is my favorite). My grandma used to make it for me for my birthday every year, instead of having a cake; Grandma would make me a Crunch for me and one to share with others at the birthday event. It’s a very special treat/dessert and I don’t get it often.

When my sister and I met for our nail appointment today at the salon she stated she had something for me in her vehicle and to make sure I got it after we finished up-I never expected it to be a specail Strawberry Rhubarb Crunch!

I asked her where she found rhubarb so early in the season and she said she had put some in the freezer last season so she could make me a Crunch; it’s even sweeter that she thought ahead.

Things have been a bit weird for me these past few weeks, being without a job for a bit then getting a new job and just life in general, a special treat was especially nice! Wonderful sisters always seem to know what I need just when I need it!

A pan of Rhubarb crunch, I, of course, dug right in, before snapping a photo. It’s so yummy!

Happy Easter! Christ has Risen!

Lent has come to a happy end, Christ has risen from the tomb!

I watched and listened to a Easter service, live, online this morning as I was invited to an Easter Brunch with my family and Sweetheart at 12:30 pm at the Village Bakery and Cafe in Pendleton, South Carolina.

The service I watched is attached below, and yes, I am a protestant and I thoroughly enjoy the Lutheran Services and Hymns.

Lutheran Services LCMS

The Easter Bunny Came early to my house

My parents, living in a Western State of the USA, asked me if I would put together some baskets for the family memebers here in the Southeast; I gladly obliged and in truth, it was fun to obtain the items and fill some baskets for loved ones. God is good and he works in mysterious ways.

It was super exciting to create the baskets for 6 people on behalf of my parents, including making an easter bucket for my godson/nephew, which included flower seeds and bulbs so as he starts to crawl and toodle around the yard, he has many blooms and colors to enjoy!

Garth Brooks And Answers-the past came back to me-a reflection of God’s work in my life- Lent Day #25

There is a song, titled “Unanswered Prayers” performed by Garth Brooks (the country pop star.) That I have enjoyed since I was young (I am not trying to give away my age here, I am a lady, afterall.)

The song describes/tells the story of a man whom prays that God would make the lady his, for all time.I prayed, often, that there would be someone to take care of me, and make things super easy and all would be easy street. I didn’t think God abandoned me but thought that my requests were unanswered.

In truth, the prayers didn’t fall on deaf ears but patience and in God’s great timing, the unanswered prayers will fulfilled, in not the way I was seeking but in the ways God knew I needed fullfillment.

How so? Relecting back, the prayers were answered, fulfilled, and exceeded. A friend of mine passed away and he left me a windfall, a method of giving me some financial footing in my life, something I was struggling to do myself, being taken care of, which, in turn, lead me to be able to do needed things in my life- as well as giving me a bit of security in financial savings. I did receive help, just not in ways I was thinking I need or expected.

After all, God is control!

Spring Cleaning-because I don’t have a maid-Lent Day 23

Adulthood, an awesome state of being that sometimes gets ahead of even the most well intentioned people.

As I wrote before in previous articles, I was adjusting to a new job at the factory, which was a short lived, temporary job. The temp job ended abruptly, so while I have some down time (as I am unemployed at the moment) Spring cleaning is occuring at my tiny apartment. While I believe spring cleaning is a pretty normal behavior/activity, it is also giving me the opprotunity to clear some of the clutter from my heart and my mind.

Pary of the clutter in my mind is being unemployed. I wasn’t expecting that the factory job to be so temporary and honestly, it has made me feel edgy not being employed. As the Scripture below states, I need to not be anxious as it is all in God’s hands.

Adjusting to changes, making a positive step forward during, iced coffee to Stop A Minit, committing the rest to God-Lent Day 14

Okay, so time has sped by here lately, as it often does during adulthood. Time has flown by so quickly that my wooden spoon microphone has even been neglected and my feet are feeling the fire.

Taking a leap of faith and starting a new job, new not only in the job itself, but new in the factors of using a temp agency, taking on factory work, working an assembly line, leaving food service and retail has been challenging on every front. Add in another factor, work 4-10 hour shifts, the adjustment and transition period is putting my “norm” in a whirlwind of changes.

In truth, I would like to be handling it with a lot more ease and skill but each day has proven to be a bit different-from adjusting my sleep period (I have worked nights for years but never 10 hour shifts), switching swimming times (which, admittedly, my swimming has sometimes taken the back burner while adjusting) and picking up pre-crafted Sandwhiches and Salads at the grocery store have become the norm. Frustrating, yes! Wonky? Certaintly! Will it all work out for the best? I pray for it. I commit the unknown the God and the rest will be taken care of, despite my wonkyness, it is in his hands.

A flaky, layered, Honey Dessert-Lent Day 10

My Neighbor is from Alexandria, Egypt-and her friendship has been a really nice gift to me. It’s so nice to have someone to chat with that lives so close; a lady friend to share odds and end with and today, she shared a Egyptian dessert with me. She had atteneded an event that served international cuisine through her college, hosted by a professor and she brought me a dessert commonly served in Egypt.

I love that she shared a bit of her home food with me! It’s honey and has maybe a bit of cinnamon in it? It’s an adventure with food and having someone bring me something so special melts my heart.

In truth? If Egyptian food is all similiar to this and the other food Nour (my neighbor) has made and shared, I am more than happy to try new things. God’s goodness can be seen in many forms, through the kindness of a neighbor, the delight in sharing a meal together and more.

Tea for One, A steamy cup on a cold day ; Lent Day 9

Taking a moment to slow day and enjoy the day, with the cold, chilly weather outside. Being thankful, especially today, that I don’t have to work outside and have something lovely to enjoy; prayer time, and being thankful, in my opinion, can happen anywhere, any time.

Devoting time, each day, to prayer and quiet time has proven to be very good for me; it helps to strengthen my time with God and during Lent, I am striving to do more of this.