A Walk with my Brother

My youngest brother came for a 2 week visit and, of course, a walk with coffee breaks had to be included! It’s always a joyous time to spend with loved ones with a bean buzz and fresh air. The sites and venues are always an added perk as well.

While here in the Upstate, I wanted to share some of the local awesome adventures with him…and he smiled the whole time. His smile lightens up the whole world and he is a fun, handsome guy (but I might be just a bit biased, being his sister and all!)

The photos are captioned of the places we attended. The conversations were endless!

Coffee and Ice Cream @ Figs Beanery & Creamery

A lovely day, sitting out on the veranda with a friend/brother and enjoying two of life’s greatest pleasures–coffee and ice cream.

I enjoyed trying something new–a Mayan Mocha…bursting with steaming flavors of mildly spicy chilis and robust brewed beans, it was a huge treat for me–mixing spices and flavors together that I had previously never had blended together. My brother enjoyed a regular latte and enjoyed the frothiness and flavor as well as he is Classic Cookie and Cream Ice Cream cone.

While the coffee and ice cream are superb, the conversation with my brother was amazing. We caught up on items, discussed hopes and dreams, laughed, told cheesy jokes (the only kind I know, of course) and spent several hours just having fun together in the comfortable outdoor seating. The Cafe boasted faux lawn under the table, which added a nice touch and color.

Adventures are always more fun with a friend and brother.

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Travel Tips for Any Season

A Sunday Drive to a major vacation (anything over 7 days in my book) all require a bit of planning and forethought, even whilst winging it. Why? Well, no one particularly cares for being caught “with their pants down”.

Thus, here are a few tips that I think are helpful and I use them myself.

  1. Have at least a general idea of where you are going.
  2. Make sure you have adequate fuel in your vehicle/taxi fare/bus passes on hand
  3. A bag/backpack, even if left in your vehicle, is a great way to keep stuff together
  4. Keeping at least one cell phone with “directions” capable app on it or a paper map is helpful, we all need directions from time to time.
  5. Comfortable footwear, with a spare set of socks
  6. Keep a little extra of cash on hand for an impromptu cup of coffee or other last-minute need. We all need a relaxing break and sometimes that need sneaks up on us. Why cash? Sometimes after hours, vending machines are all that are available.
  7. Keep a bottled beverage with you (and maybe a little snack, like nuts or something) or at least accessible.
  8. Keep a reliable person’s phone number handy, in case you break down or need a pick-up.
  9. Enjoy yourself and take all the photos you desire!
  10. If you are taking a pet with you, remember to grab a leash and snacks/treats for the pet too and a water bottle and dish!