StumphouseTunnel, with a cheesy twist

A tunnel to…. nowhere! The train tunnel remains as an incomplete project but it’s very fascinating, rich in history! Located just outside of the city of Walhalla, Stumphouse Tunnel was initially meant to be a train tunnel, but it was never completed.

At one point, Clemson University even used the tunnel as a forum for aging their famous bleu cheese (Clemson University Bleu Cheese and Bleu Cheese products are still available for purchase at local venues, groceries stores and such).

The more indepth history can be seen in the photos and via the videos attached. I hope you enjoy!

It’s Taco Twos-Day! 02-22-2022

Chili’s roasted, cilantro, diced onions, freshly grilled chorizo and Alpastor, my mouth was already watering even before I could order at the window from the cherry red food truck.

The proprietor doesn’t speak any English but with my improving Spanish language skills, I ordered 8 tacos, 2 chorizo, 4 Alpastor, and 2 Asada–with 4 ramekins of salsa, 2 mild, 2 picoso (hotter) and guess what, my language efforts earned a gold star! I received exactly what I ordered and desired (it’s a true struggle when developing language skills to convey a genuine message when ordering food.)

I delivered said order to my Sweetheart’s house, and much to my delight, his Guatemalan Grandmother even approved and ate 2 of the tacos!

The Food Truck is located on Main Street in Walhalla, in the same parking lot as Napa Auto Parts
The address of it.
The food is outstanding and very affordable. I fed 3 people; sodas included for $25 (tip included)

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Martin Luther W. @ St. John’s Lutheran Church, Walhalla, South Carolina

History comes to live in a graveyard and the history is richly embedded here at St. John’s Lutheran Church (ELCA) here in Walhalla, South Carolina. Founded by a German emigrant in 1853 (which makes it older than my home state; Colorado was indoctrinated as a State in 1876).

The German Emigrant who founded the church wanted to create a place of worship for new and incoming fellow Germans, I am speculating as a way of integration and for creating a foundation for their lives in the new world (just as my opinion); what creates a better sense of belonging than a community of faith?

According to the historical marker (signs that are posted frequently around the Southeast, which is boundless in its history), the German Emigrant was General John A. Wagener. The history of his efforts and settlements can be read in the photos below.

The one particular headstone that really caught my attention was the one bearing the name Martin Luther Waldt. Why? Well, Martin Luther is the great German Reformation leader, creating what is now known as the protestant Church. While his intention was to reform the Catholic Church, noting such things that we are saved by faith alone (versus penance) and nailing his 96 Thesis to the doors of the castle church door at Wittenburg. His intent was to reform, not to split, but severance of the two did happen, creating the two factions we now know.

A Little Video allows one to hear at least the toll of one bell (I wasn’t quite quick enough to get the full set of bells tolling for 5 p.m.) When I was younger, my parents had taken me and my siblings on a family vacation to Germany (my first time being abroad); I often heard the bells chiming. I asked my mother why they rang so often, and her answer has stuck with me ever since, as I often sang along with the hymns or music that the bells performed. My mother said, Anna, those bells are chiming for you. Every time the bells ring, I can’t help but think they are especially for me, as if magically they knew I was there to hear them. Finding this graveyard created a full circle, so to speak, for me, having German heritage and being Lutheran, this happy happenstance couldn’t have been more perfect.

Stewed Ginger and Herbal Hot Tea for a Windy Day

The winds blow here in South Carolina (nothing like what Wyoming and Colorado get for winds, sweeping across the plains but still, it’s windy!) The winds make me sneeze like a fiend and my eyes water, so what is a girl to do—make tea to help!

While I am not a doctor or an allergist, I personally have found that a good, strong cup of tea really does help me and helps keep me hydrated!

I chopped up a 3-inch section of fresh ginger root, putting it on to stew for about 20 minutes on a low simmer, adding 2 bags of Tazo Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple Tea (which was purchased at a buy one get one free special at the store) to the pot. I added a drizzle of honey to my mug and enjoyed! Yes, I even eat the stewed ginger bits when the cup of tea is empty!

The warmth and the aroma, flavor, is amazing! P.S. The pot is enough to share with friends and family.

Waldrop Stone Waterfall, Central, S.C.

A happy happenstance for me, while searching for something completely unrelated, I learned that a waterfall wasn’t far from where I currently live-which is outstanding. So, what is a girl to do? Go on an adventure, of course!

Naturally, I wanted the adventure to be easily done and mindful of my pocketbook, so I packed a little picnic for myself, including some bottled water and goodies that I enjoy, but nothing too heavy as I did have to carry it with me!

The parking “lot” is a pull off from the main road, circular around a chopped down tree with brush growing in the center; parking is limited but the trail head is easily accessible from anywhere in the parking lot.

While I have been swimming a lot more these past 10 months, the hiking/walking trail was a bit much and my calves are now mooing (I have never understood the cliche of calves “barking” when they clearly moo, whether they are on your legs or baby bovine.) The 2.2-mile (total distance) hike along the “moderate” trail (which seemed a bit more daunting than moderate, in my opinion) definitely challenged me today, even though my backpack only weighed about 7 pounds.

A few botanical signs along the trail made stopping and enjoying the tidbits of information along the way so much more enjoyable; I also enjoyed the information as an education is always welcome. A few of the botanical tidbit signs are available in the photos below, as well as some photos of the trail and adventure!

Happy Adventures! Here is also a link to a short video taken of the Waldrop Stone Waterfall as well.

American History and Coffee at Lake Keowee

A little adventure date with yourself…..a perfect way to spend an afternoon, even when it’s windy!

Choosing a place wasn’t on the agenda, simply driving until a potty break was needed. Asking the local gas station attendant, I inquired about local points of interest and the young man (not to come across as a senior lady but he was truly very young!) and he directed me to Mile Park at Lake Keowee.

While it is a residential lake (meaning that I could see homes scattered around some of the perimeter of the lake) it’s stunning! The wind made the docks click and bag, the whistles going under the planks and zip through the leafless tree branches.

A leisurely walk around the edge of the lake, I chose a picnic table with a great view to enjoy my coffee (gleaned and purchased at the gas station), I read and replied to a letter sent from my brother in Colorado, soaking in the sunshine.

The bit of history, as seen in the photos, was a pleasant perk to the day as well.

Happy Adventures! A short little video of Lake Keowee