American History and Coffee at Lake Keowee

A little adventure date with yourself…..a perfect way to spend an afternoon, even when it’s windy!

Choosing a place wasn’t on the agenda, simply driving until a potty break was needed. Asking the local gas station attendant, I inquired about local points of interest and the young man (not to come across as a senior lady but he was truly very young!) and he directed me to Mile Park at Lake Keowee.

While it is a residential lake (meaning that I could see homes scattered around some of the perimeter of the lake) it’s stunning! The wind made the docks click and bag, the whistles going under the planks and zip through the leafless tree branches.

A leisurely walk around the edge of the lake, I chose a picnic table with a great view to enjoy my coffee (gleaned and purchased at the gas station), I read and replied to a letter sent from my brother in Colorado, soaking in the sunshine.

The bit of history, as seen in the photos, was a pleasant perk to the day as well.

Happy Adventures! A short little video of Lake Keowee

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