Waldrop Stone Waterfall, Central, S.C.

A happy happenstance for me, while searching for something completely unrelated, I learned that a waterfall wasn’t far from where I currently live-which is outstanding. So, what is a girl to do? Go on an adventure, of course!

Naturally, I wanted the adventure to be easily done and mindful of my pocketbook, so I packed a little picnic for myself, including some bottled water and goodies that I enjoy, but nothing too heavy as I did have to carry it with me!

The parking “lot” is a pull off from the main road, circular around a chopped down tree with brush growing in the center; parking is limited but the trail head is easily accessible from anywhere in the parking lot.

While I have been swimming a lot more these past 10 months, the hiking/walking trail was a bit much and my calves are now mooing (I have never understood the cliche of calves “barking” when they clearly moo, whether they are on your legs or baby bovine.) The 2.2-mile (total distance) hike along the “moderate” trail (which seemed a bit more daunting than moderate, in my opinion) definitely challenged me today, even though my backpack only weighed about 7 pounds.

A few botanical signs along the trail made stopping and enjoying the tidbits of information along the way so much more enjoyable; I also enjoyed the information as an education is always welcome. A few of the botanical tidbit signs are available in the photos below, as well as some photos of the trail and adventure!

Happy Adventures! Here is also a link to a short video taken of the Waldrop Stone Waterfall as well.


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