Stewed Ginger and Herbal Hot Tea for a Windy Day

The winds blow here in South Carolina (nothing like what Wyoming and Colorado get for winds, sweeping across the plains but still, it’s windy!) The winds make me sneeze like a fiend and my eyes water, so what is a girl to do—make tea to help!

While I am not a doctor or an allergist, I personally have found that a good, strong cup of tea really does help me and helps keep me hydrated!

I chopped up a 3-inch section of fresh ginger root, putting it on to stew for about 20 minutes on a low simmer, adding 2 bags of Tazo Organic Baked Cinnamon Apple Tea (which was purchased at a buy one get one free special at the store) to the pot. I added a drizzle of honey to my mug and enjoyed! Yes, I even eat the stewed ginger bits when the cup of tea is empty!

The warmth and the aroma, flavor, is amazing! P.S. The pot is enough to share with friends and family.

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