Merry Christmas! Yes, I believe in Santa.

While having to work on Christmas morning, I decked myself out in Jingle Wear as the Elves are always around! One never knows who might be watching to put you on the naughty or nice list, too.

Yes, I am at work in some of the photos, and because I work with the public, wishing the customers a Merry Christmas is essential to me. I always find it interesting who comes through, especailly during the holiday seasons as travelers and locals alike mix together and create quite a fun variety. In truth, too, I don’t mind if someone wishes me a Happy Hannukah in exchange, to each may celebrate as they enjoy while me and my loved ones celebrate Christmas.

Later on today, I am super stoked and excited the birth of our Saviour with my sister, brother-in-law, my Sweetness, my Papa, and my Godson, always exciting and, of course, all the pets will be included in the festivities as well, playing their reindeer games!

Merry Christmas!

Bring on the Sauce, Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Creating the family’s recipe of homemade, chunky cranberry sauce is a favorite activity of mine; my mother was also willing to offer up her kitchen while I was on vacation in Colorado to make it happen. Of course, we had to add a healthy dose of orange Triple Sec to each jar we made, otherwise, it wouldn’t have that extra zing we all love! While I think the recipe is pretty common, it’s the special one we use at home becuase it turns out the best.

Naturally, Mom took the lead and I assisted, being the elf to Mrs. Claus, of course.

The homemade cranberry sauce is great on any poultry, with prime rib, and of, course, with leg of lamb.

A blustery blizzard in Wiggins, Colorado, a dream come true!

Wiggins, Colorado, blizzard

As you can hear and see in the short video I snapped/shot, the wind is really howling! It’s so cold, too and the icy winds bite at the skin. Yes, it’s blizzarding! Welcome to the cold and snowy Colorado plains! I also got my wish for Christmas, I witnessed a good snow fall and all was merry and white!

Thankfully, the blizzard did stop and I own plenty of warm wear to go out and play in the snow, a favorite past time of mine, while also getting to enjoy the warmt of the indoors, with hot cholate and games with family and friends.

We are playing Scattergories, Clobber, and card games, always a delight, no matter the weather!

No Bake Cookies–a holiday favorite of mine

It’s that time of year when homemade goodies are an essential. For me, I like to keep things easy and simple; I also like to share!

Here is the link to the recipe I used (and of course, I had to sample the goodies) I also substituted 1/2 the vanilla for almond infusion as it makes it so cheery! And a little music to help set the mood as you bake/cook/ enjoy the Season!

Don’t let it be a blue Christmas (or holiday in general). Twinkle all the way!

Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner and we know what kind of crazyness that can add to people’s lives.

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