Adjusting to changes, making a positive step forward during, iced coffee to Stop A Minit, committing the rest to God-Lent Day 14

Okay, so time has sped by here lately, as it often does during adulthood. Time has flown by so quickly that my wooden spoon microphone has even been neglected and my feet are feeling the fire.

Taking a leap of faith and starting a new job, new not only in the job itself, but new in the factors of using a temp agency, taking on factory work, working an assembly line, leaving food service and retail has been challenging on every front. Add in another factor, work 4-10 hour shifts, the adjustment and transition period is putting my “norm” in a whirlwind of changes.

In truth, I would like to be handling it with a lot more ease and skill but each day has proven to be a bit different-from adjusting my sleep period (I have worked nights for years but never 10 hour shifts), switching swimming times (which, admittedly, my swimming has sometimes taken the back burner while adjusting) and picking up pre-crafted Sandwhiches and Salads at the grocery store have become the norm. Frustrating, yes! Wonky? Certaintly! Will it all work out for the best? I pray for it. I commit the unknown the God and the rest will be taken care of, despite my wonkyness, it is in his hands.