Spring Cleaning-because I don’t have a maid-Lent Day 23

Adulthood, an awesome state of being that sometimes gets ahead of even the most well intentioned people.

As I wrote before in previous articles, I was adjusting to a new job at the factory, which was a short lived, temporary job. The temp job ended abruptly, so while I have some down time (as I am unemployed at the moment) Spring cleaning is occuring at my tiny apartment. While I believe spring cleaning is a pretty normal behavior/activity, it is also giving me the opprotunity to clear some of the clutter from my heart and my mind.

Pary of the clutter in my mind is being unemployed. I wasn’t expecting that the factory job to be so temporary and honestly, it has made me feel edgy not being employed. As the Scripture below states, I need to not be anxious as it is all in God’s hands.


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