Garth Brooks And Answers-the past came back to me-a reflection of God’s work in my life- Lent Day #25

There is a song, titled “Unanswered Prayers” performed by Garth Brooks (the country pop star.) That I have enjoyed since I was young (I am not trying to give away my age here, I am a lady, afterall.)

The song describes/tells the story of a man whom prays that God would make the lady his, for all time.I prayed, often, that there would be someone to take care of me, and make things super easy and all would be easy street. I didn’t think God abandoned me but thought that my requests were unanswered.

In truth, the prayers didn’t fall on deaf ears but patience and in God’s great timing, the unanswered prayers will fulfilled, in not the way I was seeking but in the ways God knew I needed fullfillment.

How so? Relecting back, the prayers were answered, fulfilled, and exceeded. A friend of mine passed away and he left me a windfall, a method of giving me some financial footing in my life, something I was struggling to do myself, being taken care of, which, in turn, lead me to be able to do needed things in my life- as well as giving me a bit of security in financial savings. I did receive help, just not in ways I was thinking I need or expected.

After all, God is control!


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