Garden Veggies shared, Smothered Eggplant

A friend gardens and shared her extra produce with me (which is awesome as I live in an apartment, sans garden).

This is a rendition of eggplant parmesan, made with stewed, simmered chunked and seasoned roma tomatoes, layed a piece of steamed tilapia filets, and egg washed and battered sliced eggplant, topped with parmesan cheese and steamed with a side of steamed fresh green beans (and a limed glaze)

Portraits of those before us, and more, National Gallery, London

Culture is in the eye of the beholder and the artists of old captured the essence of all things great  in the centuries before us….and viewing them is free at the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square in downtown London.

A fabulous aspect of the National Gallery is the general entrance is free, which is great for those traveling on a budget like myself. I attended/viewed the Gallery a total of 3 times to get through all the exhibitions (not fully shown here). The exhibits are large, spacious, and overly awesome to boot. Why? The National Gallery offers era’s from classical to Renaissance to Modern, DaVinci to Rubens to Van Gogh to Monet to Post Modern Art. It is all very wonderful.

The Gallery also sets on Trafalgar Square, which in its own ways is always awesome, a full day or two of free adventures all in one wonderful location, well worth checking out and very friendly on the wallet (post cards of must of the art work is also available for those without a photographic eye or wanting to play “Where’s Waldo” postcard style).

Making New Friends, Highlands of Scotland

The blessings continue to flow here in Scotland as I have made some wonderful friends along my journey. It isn’t always about what you are seeing, it is about whom comes into your life and leaves a happy mark on your heart that creates the best experiences; may the memories and friendships continue to bloom.

Breakfast for Dinner


Pancakes a plenty, raisin, chocolate and regular-plain Pancakes


Thomas, German Friends and I eating breakfast for dinner.


We had an ‘American’ style breakfast of pancakes, apple cinnamon compte, bacon, farmers omellete, juice, coffee, and an egg assortment (over medium, scrambled with cheese, sunny side up, and more!)


For the last several weeks, we (my german lady friends) and I have been for coffee, conversation, and culture—well, mostly just to talk in English as both desire to improve their English communication skills–and had asked me to meet with them more often for practice–always a fun way to learn and I really enjoy spending more time with my ladies.

Thus, every week we meet…and the laugther follows.  Last week, the topic of favorite foods and cusine from our own cultures incorporated itself into the evening, as we ate (naturally, what is better than food with friends?)

The ladies, being both German, eat German breakfast–but have never tasted the delights of an American or ‘farmers’ breakfast so this week, as planned, they drove over for our weekly conversation and I made ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner)–a favorite of mine.

The menu included:

An Assortment of Pancakes-cinnamon raisin syrup–Apple Walnut compote

An assort of eggs cooked in a variety of ways

A Farmers omellete (large), topped with melted cheese

and Bacon (what breakfast is complete without bacon?)

Coffee, Juice


Black Forrest National Forrest and a Village


15 kilometers in one day makes a very happy woman, and very tired feet!!!

The adventure began with a tram ride to the North, and disembarking in Raumümzach–which only has one stop for the village (which also boasts a lovely place called ‘Hotel Waterfall’).

I packed my lunch, grabbed my rucksack and off I went exploring, the visual experience was stunning this autumn season but nothing compared to the scent filled fresh air that prevailed itself upon my senses.

I ate my brown bag lunch, overlooking the Murg River near Erbersbronn and a house in the country had chickens as i heard the rooster crow in midday.

Walking leisurely through the hills and valleys (both minor) of the area provided an over abundant wealth of beauty and excitement and a day filled with much peach, quiet and joy.

Directions Post, Erbersbronn, Germany

Directions Post, Erbersbronn, Germany


Black Forrest National Park


The Murg River, near Erbersbronn, Germany

The Black Forrest National Park

The Black Forrest National Park

The Water Fall Hotel, Raumünzach

The Water Fall Hotel, Raumünzach

Raumünzach, a village in the Black Forrest

Raumünzach, a village in the Black Forrest

Kirch & Kloster (Ruins) and town of Bad Herrenalb

Video Link

A fellow tourist summed it up perfect (excerpt from German Eagle)

The Cistercian monastery, origin of the town, was founded in 1149 by Berthold III von Eberstein and his wife Uta. It became economically successful, in the 14th and 15th century it prospered. However, the end came soon: In 1525 farmers plundered it, as a result of the Reformation it was closed down in 1534 and turned into a school. In the 30-years war the Swedish troops burned it almost completely down.

So, not much is left of the monastery buildings. The still existing choir of the former monastery church was incorporated in the construction of the ev. parish church. Best preserved is the so called “paradise”, the entrance hall of the former monastery church (pics 1 – 3). The “paradise” was built about the year 1200, in 1462 the beautiful gable in Gothic style was added. Portal and windows are still in Romanesque style. Inside are some old epitaphs.

The monastery grounds are still the heart of Bad Herrenalb. But nowadays you find things like the Kneipp bath (pic 4) and a monument (pic 5) on the grounds. Relics from the Cistercian era are also the parsonage and the adjoining house, some remains of the walls and a barn.

Access is free, always open. For the ev. church see separate tip.

Directions: Central location in town

Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.


Inside the church.Photography by Anna Potthoff.


.Photography by Anna Potthoff.

Turkish Delight–Döner

Döner Teller--amazing

Döner Teller–amazing


Locally owned and operated.

A definite ‘must’ in Karlsruhe–a family restuarant/locally owned business that is just simply amazing!!

Located on Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe, Germany, it is a must for any local or traveler.

The Döner Teller is filled with shaved, roasted meal,  a yogurt dressing atop a fresh salad,  a potato side with a orange sauce..incredible. The falafels were also a hit with our friends.

Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.

Friends enjoying great food.

Friends enjoying great food.