Breakfast for Dinner


Pancakes a plenty, raisin, chocolate and regular-plain Pancakes


Thomas, German Friends and I eating breakfast for dinner.


We had an ‘American’ style breakfast of pancakes, apple cinnamon compte, bacon, farmers omellete, juice, coffee, and an egg assortment (over medium, scrambled with cheese, sunny side up, and more!)


For the last several weeks, we (my german lady friends) and I have been for coffee, conversation, and culture—well, mostly just to talk in English as both desire to improve their English communication skills–and had asked me to meet with them more often for practice–always a fun way to learn and I really enjoy spending more time with my ladies.

Thus, every week we meet…and the laugther follows.  Last week, the topic of favorite foods and cusine from our own cultures incorporated itself into the evening, as we ate (naturally, what is better than food with friends?)

The ladies, being both German, eat German breakfast–but have never tasted the delights of an American or ‘farmers’ breakfast so this week, as planned, they drove over for our weekly conversation and I made ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner)–a favorite of mine.

The menu included:

An Assortment of Pancakes-cinnamon raisin syrup–Apple Walnut compote

An assort of eggs cooked in a variety of ways

A Farmers omellete (large), topped with melted cheese

and Bacon (what breakfast is complete without bacon?)

Coffee, Juice