Chickpea and Curry Wraps, Super Easy

Breakfast for Dinner

  For the last several weeks, we (my german lady friends) and I have been for coffee, conversation, and culture---well, mostly just to talk in English as both desire to improve their English communication skills--and had asked me to meet with them more often for practice--always a fun way to learn and I really enjoy … Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner

Adventures in the kitchen—


Dinner Made Easy

Baking is vastly becoming one of my favorite methods of cooking--it does not require constant attention, stirring, and often, it does not even require multiple pots, pans, bakeware--which is super nice and easy peasy when it comes to cleaning up. Who really wants to spend extra time doing prep, maintence cooking and clean--up when there … Continue reading Dinner Made Easy

Adventures in Cooking–2 course meal

I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my imagination. Akshay Kumar Working on the dream list of cooking more often is becomign quite fun...groceries in Germany are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to American grocery costs. Thomas, thankfully, is pretty open to trying new things, even when it is me that is … Continue reading Adventures in Cooking–2 course meal