Cornmeal Chicken-Pan Fried Fritter Perfection

Yes, I have been cooking different recipes as of late to add to my cooking skills, for starter, but also to add variety to the palate, without breaking the bank or hunting all over the state for ingredients. Friends, family, pinterest, old world cook books–all are wonderful resources!

The coating for the chicken (I used chicken breasts but any cut of chicken, boneless or not would work well) is pretty easy.

The Coating:

2 cups of cornmeal flour, add salt, pepper, dehydrated onions, cumin, dry parsley flakes, italian season, and minced garlic (I used the minced garlic that comes in a jar.)

Coat each piece of chicken in egg wash and the mix, twice over each (it’s thick, but that’s the inten.) Put in a deep pan with olive oil (you can use corn oil, too, if it’s what you prefer.)

Cook the chicken until it’s about 90% cooked through, put a bag of frozen veggies on top (I used a bag of the corn, peas, corn, and green bean mix.) Cook for about 8 more minutes, pull out the chicken and veggies and plate. While the chicken is resting, make a sauce.

The sauce is from the pan “drippings”. Add a couple of spoons of the cornbread coating mix left over from the coating; mix it all together until it’s pasty and getting toasted. Add either water or chicken broth mixing slowly on medium heat and ladel over the chicken and vegetables. Serve with a side of sliced tomatoes.

Super yummy and super easy to make! It can be reduced in quantity for smaller meal or increased easily for feeding many!


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