Making New Friends, Highlands of Scotland

The blessings continue to flow here in Scotland as I have made some wonderful friends along my journey. It isn’t always about what you are seeing, it is about whom comes into your life and leaves a happy mark on your heart that creates the best experiences; may the memories and friendships continue to bloom.

Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland (near Banchory)

Crathes Castle is a place that dreams are made of and fantastical stories are written about-an abundance of beauty, history and a stunning gardens, well kept and outstanding!

It’s on the National Historical marker and “free” when you purchase a historical place (well worth the money to buy one!) I wouldn’t have known about this stunning secret if I hadn’t purchased the historical pass.

I tried stuffed tatties for the first time in my life at the cafe inside the castle, also awesome! The place offers the perfect get away and is an easy walk from the bus stop (the regional bus driver knew where to drop me off when I inquired!)

Wear comfortable shoes as the gardens are extensive, as is the castle, stretch out and enjoy all the beauty this castle has to offer! I absolutely love it here yes, while my article here does sound like an “advertisement’ to sell this place as an adventure, it’s all true (and no, it’s not sponsoring me, I am just seriously enjoying the place and want to share this secret with others!)

It’s a historical treasure that I would love to call home, assuming I won the huge lottery and it was for sale (which it’s not because it’s on the historical treasury!)

Innenstadt, Ettlingen

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An Impromptu afternoon adventure

A bit of free time between schedules left an open afternoon for me today, so i toured around on a whim, with great joy. I went walking and enjoyed whatever I happened to come across, and naturally enjoyed some sweet treats and coffee while out and about.

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Wintery wonderland

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Meeting new and fun people is always nice–and what better place than to meet them in my German courses.

Tatenda is from Zimbabwe and desired to adventure more here in Germany so we headed off together, enjoying lunch first, and then to the Monastary Ruins in Frauenalb for a wonderful and fun afternoon in the snow.

#Frauenalb #Germanvillage #historicalruins

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Coming to a close as the year winds down

2016 is winding down and coming to a close…and it has been an enourmously eventufl year for me. Upon reminiscing over the year, realizing just how much has occured over the past 365 days. The dream list, posted in January of this year, I successfully marked off several components.

Here are just a few of this years occurences:

  • My brother got married and I caught the bouquet
  • I hosted a final garage sale, selling the general contents of my house
  • I moved to a foriegn country
  • Danced in a public venue
  • Enjoyed a live Baroque Quartet
  • Sampled Many different worldy beverages, many of them ocffee in origin
  • I learned how to navitage and use the tram, buses, and other public transportation in Germany
  • My best friend had a baby
  • My brother and his wife had a baby.
  • I adventured often in South West Germany
  • I had tea in a castle
  • I climbed to the top of an old fortress tower
  • Met up with an old friend of 20 years (an exchange student that lived with my family)
  • Gave a tour to my Grandfather
  • Practiced baking and cooking, expanding my culinary abilities and flavors
  • Wrote and received mail to and from friends and family
  • Read a childrens book (all on my own) in German
  • Spent Christmas  Eve with German friends
  • Enrolled and attended German language courses
  • Learned how to use WhatsApp
  • Lost Weight
  • Lost a Grandmother and Aunt
  • Attended-toured 3 different Christmas Markets in Germany
  • Petted Donkeys and Goats in a live Nativity
  • Crossed country borders in a car and bus
  • Shopped in a French Super Market
  • Drank Turkish Coffee
  • Thomas and I got a kitten
  • Thomas has started to teach me the joys of soccer
  • Open Air soccer viewing in an open air event
  • video chatted for the first time with friends and family



Breakfast for Dinner


Pancakes a plenty, raisin, chocolate and regular-plain Pancakes


Thomas, German Friends and I eating breakfast for dinner.


We had an ‘American’ style breakfast of pancakes, apple cinnamon compte, bacon, farmers omellete, juice, coffee, and an egg assortment (over medium, scrambled with cheese, sunny side up, and more!)


For the last several weeks, we (my german lady friends) and I have been for coffee, conversation, and culture—well, mostly just to talk in English as both desire to improve their English communication skills–and had asked me to meet with them more often for practice–always a fun way to learn and I really enjoy spending more time with my ladies.

Thus, every week we meet…and the laugther follows.  Last week, the topic of favorite foods and cusine from our own cultures incorporated itself into the evening, as we ate (naturally, what is better than food with friends?)

The ladies, being both German, eat German breakfast–but have never tasted the delights of an American or ‘farmers’ breakfast so this week, as planned, they drove over for our weekly conversation and I made ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner)–a favorite of mine.

The menu included:

An Assortment of Pancakes-cinnamon raisin syrup–Apple Walnut compote

An assort of eggs cooked in a variety of ways

A Farmers omellete (large), topped with melted cheese

and Bacon (what breakfast is complete without bacon?)

Coffee, Juice


Adventures in the kitchen—


Baked chicken, sweet potatoes, zuchinni, and onion, a one dish wonder


Texas style taco salad


turkey sausage, mushroom gravy over green beans (instead of pasta)


Sliced Gala apples with Nutella


Clover and Raisin Oatmeal, toast and banana


Crispy Bacon, 2 over easy eggs, and toast (with orange Marmelade)


Open face Tuna Salad with tomatoe slices and red bell pepper spears


A Fusion blend salad of greek and italian salad with a hummus dressing and a slice of hearty bread


Baked sweet potatoe (with butter and cinnamon) chicken stir fry with marinated, roasted bell pepper


Crossiant (not homemade), clementine slices, scrambled eggs and brie wedges


Furit, onions, and other staples


Peanut Butter Porridge with raisins


Farmers Omellete with fresh cheese-bell pepper on pumpernickel and plum breakfast


Tuna and Feta Salad–a super easy meal


Vegetable platter salad with pickle and homemade balsamic dressing