Hugh Miller Cottage, Cromarty, Scotland

 I was so very blessed to get to spend a whole day touring the childhood and adulthood home (for a while) of Hugh Miller, geologist, reformer, stone mason and Scots. Truly an amazing experience!! I used my National Trust for Scotland pass to tour it, which is awesome.

Neustadt an der WeinstraBe

A wonderful adventure with family!! My Uncle came to visit Germany from Maryland (and staying with his brother, my other Uncle). We all met up somewhere in the middle…in the lovely town of Neustadt an der WeinstraBe (literally translating into the “New City on the Wine Street” but it is truly an older city, being several hundreds of years old in age.)

The city hosts both multiple Protestant and Catholic Churches, Cathedrals, and squares/plazas galore, and many wonderful attractions, as we discovered wondering around the town after a delightful German lunch together. What a lovely treat to get to spend the day with my Uncles, cousin, Aunt and Thomas.

Play the video to experience beautiful Cathedral bells.


One Cool Cucumber Salad


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Wintery wonderland

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Meeting new and fun people is always nice–and what better place than to meet them in my German courses.

Tatenda is from Zimbabwe and desired to adventure more here in Germany so we headed off together, enjoying lunch first, and then to the Monastary Ruins in Frauenalb for a wonderful and fun afternoon in the snow.

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Kirch & Kloster (Ruins) and town of Bad Herrenalb

Video Link

A fellow tourist summed it up perfect (excerpt from German Eagle)

The Cistercian monastery, origin of the town, was founded in 1149 by Berthold III von Eberstein and his wife Uta. It became economically successful, in the 14th and 15th century it prospered. However, the end came soon: In 1525 farmers plundered it, as a result of the Reformation it was closed down in 1534 and turned into a school. In the 30-years war the Swedish troops burned it almost completely down.

So, not much is left of the monastery buildings. The still existing choir of the former monastery church was incorporated in the construction of the ev. parish church. Best preserved is the so called “paradise”, the entrance hall of the former monastery church (pics 1 – 3). The “paradise” was built about the year 1200, in 1462 the beautiful gable in Gothic style was added. Portal and windows are still in Romanesque style. Inside are some old epitaphs.

The monastery grounds are still the heart of Bad Herrenalb. But nowadays you find things like the Kneipp bath (pic 4) and a monument (pic 5) on the grounds. Relics from the Cistercian era are also the parsonage and the adjoining house, some remains of the walls and a barn.

Access is free, always open. For the ev. church see separate tip.

Directions: Central location in town

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Inside the church.Photography by Anna Potthoff.


.Photography by Anna Potthoff.

Turkish Delight–Döner

Döner Teller--amazing

Döner Teller–amazing


Locally owned and operated.

A definite ‘must’ in Karlsruhe–a family restuarant/locally owned business that is just simply amazing!!

Located on Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe, Germany, it is a must for any local or traveler.

The Döner Teller is filled with shaved, roasted meal,  a yogurt dressing atop a fresh salad,  a potato side with a orange sauce..incredible. The falafels were also a hit with our friends.

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Friends enjoying great food.

Friends enjoying great food.

Kneipp Bath


Splashing around in a Thermal Pool Together

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy–I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for–and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment….exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day.

Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went for it. Wowser!! That water is cold but awesome–the floors of the pool (only about knee deep) is covered in bumps, creating a lovely, slighlty ticklish feeling…and it is truly refreshing… and it exfoliated our feet…no more callouses….Thomas is a trooper, for sure, willing to try anything and adventuring with my sweetheart makes it so much more enjoyable, laughing and trying it all.

Neither of us has ever been here before today…an adventure with laughter, beautiful scenery and soft feet after adventuring all day….it does not get any better than this–and it is a free venue located in Bad Herrenalb.

Thomas getting into the pool

Thomas getting into the pool


Thomas enjoys the ‘arm bath’–very refreshing on a hot day.

An exchange student and an American come together again

Annas Potthoffs 2940

Jenny F. with her 2 daughters and boyfriend

Way back when, okay, so in 1996 and 1997 my family hosted an exchange student from Germany–and we have kept in touch all these years.

Before leaving Colorado, I wrote to Jenny, telling her I would be moving to Germany–and she came to see me.

The last time I had seen Jenny in person, I was 15, she was 18. Now, we are older ( a lady never reveals her true age) and Jenny has two beautiful daughters.

Jenny and her family drove 6 hours to spend a weekend with us the Black Forrest and A joyous day makes all the difference.

We enjoyed the Botanical Gardens (Karlsruhe, Germany), Schloss Karlsruhe and so much more. It is awesome to get to see old friends and spend time together.

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Jenny, Thomas, Leoni, Sara, Marcel on the Rhein (German side, France across the river)

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Coffee with Old and New Friends, Waldbronn, Germany

Jenny and I wrote text messages back and forth over the past few weeks–and she has come down this weekend  see friends, myself included, as we all live in close proximity.

Jenny’s friends, whom she knew from travels and summers working abroad in Spain,  are hosting Jenny and her lovely girls and boyfriend this weekend, which is awesome, as we all got to meet this evening.

Ute and Heinrick, Jenny’s Waldbronn friends, invited Thomas and I over drinks this evening–what a treat. Ute and Heinrick have a beautiful home and are wonderful, nice people–I am so glad we all were able to get together!!!

Ute, Heinrick and the other guest asked how Jenny and I knew each other, which brought tears of laughter to our eyes as we reminisced about all the adventures and fun we had together when Jenny was an exchange student with my family in Colorado.

Leoni and Sara, Jenny’s teenage daughters, learned ‘interesting’ things about their mother when she was younger–and Marcel, Ute, and Heinrick laughed at the antics we once pulled in our youth together–a side of Jenny and I no one else experienced before as we had known each other the longest amongst the friends at the table.

Tomorrow is going to a great day as Ute and Heinrick are attending a wedding–and Thomas and I will be spending the whole day with Jenny, Sara, Leoni, and Marcel….and let the adventures continue.

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