Coffee with Old and New Friends, Waldbronn, Germany

Jenny and I wrote text messages back and forth over the past few weeks–and she has come down this weekend  see friends, myself included, as we all live in close proximity.

Jenny’s friends, whom she knew from travels and summers working abroad in Spain,  are hosting Jenny and her lovely girls and boyfriend this weekend, which is awesome, as we all got to meet this evening.

Ute and Heinrick, Jenny’s Waldbronn friends, invited Thomas and I over drinks this evening–what a treat. Ute and Heinrick have a beautiful home and are wonderful, nice people–I am so glad we all were able to get together!!!

Ute, Heinrick and the other guest asked how Jenny and I knew each other, which brought tears of laughter to our eyes as we reminisced about all the adventures and fun we had together when Jenny was an exchange student with my family in Colorado.

Leoni and Sara, Jenny’s teenage daughters, learned ‘interesting’ things about their mother when she was younger–and Marcel, Ute, and Heinrick laughed at the antics we once pulled in our youth together–a side of Jenny and I no one else experienced before as we had known each other the longest amongst the friends at the table.

Tomorrow is going to a great day as Ute and Heinrick are attending a wedding–and Thomas and I will be spending the whole day with Jenny, Sara, Leoni, and Marcel….and let the adventures continue.

Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.


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