The Best Coffee–DLounge, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe


Missing the little things from back home is pretty normal, by most standards but one thing I really jonesed for was a good coffee shop that was relaxing yet fun, upbeat but comfy–and at last I found a ‘home’ coffee shop here in my area. And no, I am not doing a paid ‘pitch’ for the Dlounge, I have seriously been hunting for a good spot to relax and write in my journal….

A journal is something I keep in my bag along with several ink pens. Why?? One never knows where adventures might take me and honestly, I do not want to forget a moment of it–so if I am waiting for a friend, taking a coffee break, or about to head to a German class, a coffee is essentail and my journal is a must.

The DLounge, located on Kronenplatz in Karlsruhe, is the perfect coffee shop venue for me. The seating is comfortable, the music is always good, the coffee is hot and fresh, and the best feature…the baristas are super nice and speak English. What more could a girl ask for when getting her daily buzz?

Cafe Crema
Cafe Crema
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