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Life is An Adventure

Adventures and adventure making is a  of mine as I enjoy history, historical sites, and experiencing new and different things.  Traveling on a dime, using public transportation, experiencing new things, and learning gives me great joy.

Traveling and adventure making, though, can be costly–but with practice, patientence and planning, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Most of the sites, places, etc. that are featured are little or no cost and are ‘discovered’ by simply asking or wondering and stumbling upon these treasures–others are events that are shared with me, by inivitation (given or received) or by sheer coindence that we are all in attenance at the same time, winging it as we go.

I hope, by sharing my experiences and findings, that others will be inspired to adventure out, go outside of their comfort zone and bubble and adventure as well, whether it be in their own area or abroad–to everything in between.

Family, Friends, new acquaintences, new and old alike  make life so much more fun and interesting–and often create the most memorable experiences in ones life.