Old Elkmont Cemetery, near Gatlinburg, TN

Yes, it’s true, I am a lover of beautiful masonry work and old stones– an appreciator of etchings and engravings and any opportunity I am offered, I enjoy a good cemetery crawl. Sometimes, more often than not, a “good” one is often off the beaten path and takes a little adventure and finagling to get there… and it’s always worth the effort!!

Fortunately, I had a bit of aid in locating/finding this particular older cemetery near Gatlinburg, Tennessee as a person briefly posted on a photo forum of Elkmont Cemetery and I had to use google mapping to get me there…the cemetery is quite small but hosts an elaborate amount of carved lambs on the headstones, those that are marked any way.

An interesting factor that I haven’t personally seen before… coins were left on certain graves… any one know the history behind that?


Old Pickens Presbyterian Church

A cematery crawl in Pickens County, near the Oconee Power Plant, quite a stunner!

While the second part of the cemetery has been moved, due to several factors that I didn’t quite understand, the historical site is only open during day late hours, which is why my photos are so well lit this time!

A brief history can be read in one of the pictures, showing how the courthouse used to also be established on the site but is no longer there but the church remains. Unfortunately, the church isn’t open for viewing, which is often one of my more favorite parts of the adventure.

While I often adventure solo, there are times when others go with me as well, which only makes the adventure that more fun, and as Tim Burton says, there’s something positive about such beauty.