Our Thanksgiving Chicken


Prepping the chicken and yams


Vegetable platter with hummus dip for appetizer


Making the stuffing


Stuffing the chicken

Chicken, stuffing and baked sweet potatoe

Chicken, stuffing and baked sweet potatoe


Reggie, our kitty, even got his own treat.

Reggie, our kitty, even got his own treat.



An Eggy Brunch



6 eggs

1 Bell Pepper (your choice of color), chopped

1/2 small onion (purple or yellow), chopped

2 medium tomatoes, slices in half moons

4 tablespoons salsa

2 bananas

4 pieces of sliced bread (white, wheat, rye, sourdough, your choice)


Salt and Pepper

2 large sliced of real, natural cheese (cheddar, Tillister, gouda, your choice)


Omelette: Lighlty saute the bell pepper, onions, salt and pepper with Sunflower oil (or your favorite oil) in a medium sized skillet, remove half and set aside.

Crack three eggs into to skillet (with half the vegetable mix), stir to mix everything-breaking the yolks on medium/ medium low heat.

Once the eggs start firming up on the bottom, flip entire egg-veggie mixture over (like a flap jack), place half a slice of cheese on the cooked side of the egg mixture.

Once the second side has fully cooked (the eggs are not runny nor crispy-burned) fold the omelette in half over the slice of cheese and remove from the pan (cut this in half to create 2 omelettes)

Repeat these steps with the last 3 eggs and remaining half of bell pepper-onion mix (for 2 more omelletes.)

On eachof four plates: Half of each omellette (topped with salsa), half a banana, half a sliced tomatoe, and a piece of toast (with honey drizzeled on top and cut in half)


Mammoth Lacrosse–Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

American Lacrosse

             Colorado Mammoths

Going to the yoo with Kevin H.

Goofy friends with Kevin H.

Pepsie Center, Denver, Colorado

Friends watching the Mammoth Lacrosse Game at the Pepsi Center, Prive Box, Denver, Colorado

Mammoth Lacrosse

Watching Mammoth Lacross, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

Annas Potthoffs 1934

Tanner, Margaret, and Haake enjyoing the game from box seats.



What a fun, wonderful evening!! Friends and family enjoyed a Colorado Mammoths Lacross game and the crowds were roaring!! The skill and agility of the athletes was astounding!!!