Innenstadt, Ettlingen

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Homemade Fudge–sharing a tradition


Coconut Fudge, made with almond extract and shredded coconut.

Marshmellow Fudge

Classic Marshmellow Fudge, plain, traditional recipe


A small dish of Marschino cherry fudge, absolutely delicous, made with tart cherries, almond oil, and chopped walnuts



Bakers chocolate

Bakers dark bitter chocolate shavings, used to create the fudge




Thomas had never experienced fudge before, which is such a bummer as it is one of my more favorite Christmas treats–and not knowing what Fudge and all of it its variations he was missing, I accepted the challenge of creating the wonderful delight, in a few simple varieties, at home.

I used condensed milk, sugar,  various extracts, walnuts, cherries, marshmellow fluff (which thankfully is now available in Germany) and love to make the delights, which turned out super well.

Thomas soon became ‘addicted’ to the wonderful American delights, which is great–now pronouncing the word ‘fudge’ is still a bit odd but I know what he means.