Mixing it up with Coffee

  This evening Thomas and I drove to Karlsruhe to help reamp the battery as it had died (resulting in our car needing to be jumped) so we drove around, grabbed coffee at McDonalds (which tastes very different than the blend in the United States.)  A fun evening, taking a 'Sunday Drive' around the region, … Continue reading Mixing it up with Coffee

Schloss Bruchsal, Bruschal, Germany

The German word 'Schloss' has many meanings in English, it can mean 'castle' 'Manor' 'Estate' and so many more things!!! This particular 'Schloss' was residence of some nobility and a politcal statement of the noblemans success. The upper floor also hosts an amazing array of musical playing devices from the late 19th century and early … Continue reading Schloss Bruchsal, Bruschal, Germany

Turning over a new leaf

  So, as our story continues on, Thomas and I have continued to write, sharing our lives and friendship through letters..and now we have been very dear, good sweet friends for almost 20 years. We continued to write when one day.... Thomas asked me to come to Germany, not for a vacation, but for something … Continue reading Turning over a new leaf

The Beginnings of….an adventure

Decemeber,1997---My family and I were on vacation in Holland, riding the ICE train to Germany. My family, being 6 of us, 7 with my Uncle, were a large group, especially with our luggage.  My family filled the compartment and thus, I sat across the aisle at a small table, next to the window, where the … Continue reading The Beginnings of….an adventure