Kneipp Bath


Splashing around in a Thermal Pool Together

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy–I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for–and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment….exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day.

Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went for it. Wowser!! That water is cold but awesome–the floors of the pool (only about knee deep) is covered in bumps, creating a lovely, slighlty ticklish feeling…and it is truly refreshing… and it exfoliated our feet…no more callouses….Thomas is a trooper, for sure, willing to try anything and adventuring with my sweetheart makes it so much more enjoyable, laughing and trying it all.

Neither of us has ever been here before today…an adventure with laughter, beautiful scenery and soft feet after adventuring all day….it does not get any better than this–and it is a free venue located in Bad Herrenalb.

Thomas getting into the pool

Thomas getting into the pool


Thomas enjoys the ‘arm bath’–very refreshing on a hot day.

Celebrating my ’21st’ birthday abroad

Annas Potthoffs 2868

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany with a dinner in the backyard

Annas Potthoffs 2871

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany–family and friends in Ettlingen, Germany

Annas Potthoffs 2872

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany with Fabian and his sisters

I turned 21 today, for the 13th time but who is counting??

It is truly the first time, though, that I have celebrated a birthday abroad and it has been wonderful. Thomas hosted a dinner celebration in the backyard for my special day, with family and friends attending.

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany

Celebrating my Birthday in Germany


Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.

Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany

Riding the tram ( around the area has proven to be such a joy–it takes me to places I would have never known about before–like the quaint village of Fraunalb in Baden-Wurtämburg.  The videos show case some of the wonderful and beautiful aspects of the monastary ruins–



Treasure hunting is so much fun–and it is helping to create great and awesome products on my eBay.

AJ’s, Orchard, Colorado

Annas Potthoffs 144

Family Night having Dinner at AJ

AJs, Orchard, Colorado

Enjoying Colorado Raised beef, Prime Rib

Prime rib is always a good idea!!!

Haake and I knew about this place for a while but we discovered recently that it has  Prime Rib specials on Friday evenings–and dinner is always more enjoyable with good company.

Annas Potthoffs 079

M. Haake and I love the Prime Rib Fridays at AJ’s In Orchard, Colorado



  • AJ’s Corner Tavern
    24213 Hwy 39
    Weldona, CO 80653
  • Phone number 1 (970) 645-9881



Mammoth Lacrosse–Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

American Lacrosse

             Colorado Mammoths

Going to the yoo with Kevin H.

Goofy friends with Kevin H.

Pepsie Center, Denver, Colorado

Friends watching the Mammoth Lacrosse Game at the Pepsi Center, Prive Box, Denver, Colorado

Mammoth Lacrosse

Watching Mammoth Lacross, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

Annas Potthoffs 1934

Tanner, Margaret, and Haake enjyoing the game from box seats.



What a fun, wonderful evening!! Friends and family enjoyed a Colorado Mammoths Lacross game and the crowds were roaring!! The skill and agility of the athletes was astounding!!!



Turning over a new leaf

Hundreds of letters have been exchanged between us.

A long history of letters…and we wrote.


So, as our story continues on, Thomas and I have continued to write, sharing our lives and friendship through letters..and now we have been very dear, good sweet friends for almost 20 years. We continued to write when one day….

Thomas asked me to come to Germany, not for a vacation, but for something more, something special. Thomas wrote:

I hope you will come to Germany and stay for a long while. I would like to opportunity to date you, make a future with you, and get to know you even better than I already do.  Please, come and stay. ‘ (small excerpt).


Upon receiving, reading and re reading the letter, I discussed this with my sister and Acacia, asking their advice and thoughts on it–for the power of girlfriends and sisters is something very unique (but that is a discussion for another day).  They both hooped and hollered with joy, with the confidence and hope for all good things.

I wrote to Thomas asking him when he would like me to go, a very big decision for me..and we continued to write letters.

So, now comes the point, that I know I am moving to Germany, at least for a while, as Thomas wrote back and said when I can and am ready, that he wants to welcome me in his home when I am ready…now for preparations.

As we discuss what the future for us holds….we continue to write letters.

And suddenly you know.... its time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings:

A visit–or two over the years between friends

2001 Thomas came to Colorado for my Highschool Graduation

2001 Thomas came to Colorado for my Highschool Graduation

May of 2001, Thomas,  the man

Graduation Day with Acacia Clough

Graduation Day with Acacia Clough

I met on the train,  travel

ed from Germany to Colorado, USA, for my Highschool graduation and stayed with my family for 2 weeks. We went to Estes Park, Colorado for a visit one day. Thomas met all of my giant family, and that is no small feat…and


Thomas and I on the Outerbanks, N.C.

We continued to write letters.

Anna and Thomas @ Carolina's Diner, Archdale, N.C. 2005

Anna and Thomas @ Carolina’s Diner, Archdale, N.C. 2005

April 2005 I was living in North Carolina, going to college, studying Fine Art at first and later on Graphic Design and Advertising. Thomas came for  10 visit, where we spent 6 days on the Outer Banks.  Our friendship continued to deepen and strengthen and…

We continued to write letters.

December 2013-January 2014–I had moved back to Colorado in May of 2012–and once again, my family (sister, brothers, parents, etc) decided to take a family vacation in the dead of Winter to Europe for Christmas.

Anna And Chub

My brother and I in Germany.

My youngest brother, at the time was living in Regensburg,

Thomas and I out for coffee, January 2014, Germany

Thomas and I out for coffee, January 2014, Germany

Germany, having moved from Heidelburg in previous weeks.  So, after spending time in his city, I split ways for a few days to visit Thomas in Ettlingen, Germany. I surely couldn’t go to Germany without seeing Thomas, my friend

and penpal.

Something changed between Thomas and I but…

We continued to write letters.

The Beginnings of….an adventure

The start of my adventure

The Beginnings of Something wonderful

Decemeber,1997—My family and I were on vacation in Holland, riding the ICE train to Germany. My family, being 6 of us, 7 with my Uncle, were a large group, especially with our luggage.  My family filled the compartment and thus, I sat across the aisle at a small table, next to the window, where the chairs were bolted to the floorboards of the train.

A German man sat across from me, in the empty available seat, witha  rucksack in-tow and nothing more than that and a newspaper.  He struck up a conversation, after a bit, and within 3 hours, we exchanged mailing addresses and he disembarked from the train at his stop.

Letters were written, postcards exchanged and an old–fashioned pen-pal friendship blossomed.
We continued to write letters over time–sharing the simple things of life and…thus began something exquisite