The Roosters Well and more, Speilberg, Germany

RosenMontags, Deutschland

Woohoo!!! Attending Rosenmontags Festival today is beyond description, the hooping, hollering and joy was infectious, and everyone was in attendance, including this American ( I even dressed up as little red riding hood, sans wolf.) Here is a bit of history (which I had to look up to get a better understanding.) Compliments of WikepediaContinue reading “RosenMontags, Deutschland”

Kneipp Bath

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy–I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for–and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment….exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day. Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went forContinue reading “Kneipp Bath”

Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany

Riding the tram ( around the area has proven to be such a joy–it takes me to places I would have never known about before–like the quaint village of Fraunalb in Baden-Wurtämburg.  The videos show case some of the wonderful and beautiful aspects of the monastary ruins–     Treasure hunting is so much fun–andContinue reading “Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany”