Kneipp Bath


Splashing around in a Thermal Pool Together

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy–I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for–and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment….exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day.

Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went for it. Wowser!! That water is cold but awesome–the floors of the pool (only about knee deep) is covered in bumps, creating a lovely, slighlty ticklish feeling…and it is truly refreshing… and it exfoliated our feet…no more callouses….Thomas is a trooper, for sure, willing to try anything and adventuring with my sweetheart makes it so much more enjoyable, laughing and trying it all.

Neither of us has ever been here before today…an adventure with laughter, beautiful scenery and soft feet after adventuring all day….it does not get any better than this–and it is a free venue located in Bad Herrenalb.

Thomas getting into the pool

Thomas getting into the pool


Thomas enjoys the ‘arm bath’–very refreshing on a hot day.