Homemade Fudge–sharing a tradition

          Thomas had never experienced fudge before, which is such a bummer as it is one of my more favorite Christmas treats–and not knowing what Fudge and all of it its variations he was missing, I accepted the challenge of creating the wonderful delight, in a few simple varieties, at home.Continue reading “Homemade Fudge–sharing a tradition”

Großherzogliche Grabkapelle Karlsruhe

Tucked away in the Northwest section of Karlsruhe, Germany, this lovely cathedral is a hidden treasure…Thomas and I used our Schloss Card to locate this wonderful cathedral. We would have never known about it otherwise…. The Schloss Card (Baden Wurtämburg Province) has been absolutely amazing and has allowed us to gain access to places weContinue reading “Großherzogliche Grabkapelle Karlsruhe”

Turkish Delight–Döner

A definite ‘must’ in Karlsruhe–a family restuarant/locally owned business that is just simply amazing!! Located on Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe, Germany, it is a must for any local or traveler. The Döner Teller is filled with shaved, roasted meal,  a yogurt dressing atop a fresh salad,  a potato side with a orange sauce..incredible. The falafels were alsoContinue reading “Turkish Delight–Döner”

An exchange student and an American come together again

Way back when, okay, so in 1996 and 1997 my family hosted an exchange student from Germany–and we have kept in touch all these years. Before leaving Colorado, I wrote to Jenny, telling her I would be moving to Germany–and she came to see me. The last time I had seen Jenny in person, IContinue reading “An exchange student and an American come together again”