The Schnitzel Rule (my rule)/ Tips for learning, using a new language

Please, take a moment to watch the video. I originally made the video for my younger brother as part of a conversation we were having (via Whatsapp) and he thought I should share.

The poster, in which I referenced, is located towards the bottom of the post/blog, along with some of the words in a language that i use in English that are not English.

Original Language              Word

German                                 Schnitzel

German                                  Brotchen

Spanish                                 Guacamole

Spanish                                 Tapas

Russian                                  Czar

British English                  Rucksack

Turkish                                Yufka, pida

Italian                                 Tiramisu, cappuccino




Learning the Language

My fellow students in my First German Course

My fellow students in my First German Course

Last Day of Second German Course

Last Day of Second German Course





Learning a new language is part of my bucket list (which also includes adventures.)  German is not an easy language to learn and pick up but there are plenty of opprotunities to practice here…and boy, do I practice!!!

Taking classes at a local venue-school has proven to be super helpful in building basic vocabularly and grammer–and I have made some really nice friends along the way–and what is life without human interaction?

I am often a little shy in using my German my language level is defintily not at a very high standard yet–but I can now order food, ask and give directions, and reading signs and packaging is much easier now. Woohoo!! The essentials are in practice as I continue to expand my language skill…and that the vocabulary grows.