Spock and Gelato

A small town in Southwest Germany, Spock offers a quiet afternoon to wander and enjoy Gelato.  

Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany

Riding the tram (www.kvv.de) around the area has proven to be such a joy--it takes me to places I would have never known about before--like the quaint village of Fraunalb in Baden-Wurtämburg.  The videos show case some of the wonderful and beautiful aspects of the monastary ruins-- https://www.facebook.com/apotthoff1934/videos/10157509081340725/?l=5198473434139693099     https://www.facebook.com/apotthoff1934/videos/10157509194860725/?l=1117299377343678552 Treasure hunting is so … Continue reading Kloster-Monastary Ruins, Fraunalb, Germany