An Adventure for the ears, the memories of melodies

It’s often said, I forget who said it originally to give credit, that a “melody often sounds like a memory” and it is true, at least from my experience. Music has a way of capturing a moment, expressing and sharing so many feelings and times in the history of the listener, even if they haven’t heard the song in ages–an adventure to the past, to a specific time frame or experience.

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, for example, takes me to Clava Cairn (near with newly met friends, I hadn’t heard the song before that day but as I walked around barefoot in the grass, Jorge from Chili, laughed, and played the song as the four of us danced around the sites, laughing, and the song fit and stuck. And each and every time I hear the song, guess what? I recall the fun we all shared that day and we all fell in love with our times together that day, the 4 new friends having fun in a site that was thousands of years in making, dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass.

A few videos have been attached, for listening and viewing pleasure, hoping that a melody helps you to make adventure memories as well.

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