Travel to the Unknown–to you

Adventures, Travel, hiking, going and doing–walk, run, crawl–go! Dr. Seuss wrote a great book “Oh the places you will go” and much of it is true, even now.

People are mobile, ambulant. If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d be rooted to the earth like trees, whom even move and sway with stimulation and groan in growth, spreading limbs and leaves as far and wide as they are able–and we, as humans, could follow by example and stretch our limbs, and “leaf” out, try new things.

While every venue would be impossible to see and do in a lifetime, certain areasand places are perhaps unatainable and don’t pique your interest, there are a great multitude of places to be explored. Mountains, beaches, bookstore corners on a forgotten street, GropeCunt alley, the Fraunalb Ruins Near Ettlingen Germany, the bakery down the street.

May I suggest you write down a wish list of places you have read about and would like to see or places referenced in a movie? I have always wanted to go Lime in England, Carnival in Brazil, and places that Jane Austen wrote about, Castle Bran in Translyvania as Stoker wrote such vivid details of the mystical auras, and more.

Where would you like to go?


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