Moving Day-Lunch at Grace’s while Helping Papa

The time has Come: Papa needed helping moving to his new residence, and not having quite started my new job yet-I drove the 70 minutes to help Papa for the day to help him finish up packing up his old residence and move him to the new place about 2 miles away.

Papa and I stopped for Lunch at Grace’s Restaurant in Honea Path, mid-day, to enjoy some food. Papa really liked that they served breakfast all day and ordered a side of sausage patties with his biscuit and gravy.

I chose the Club sandwhich and fries, which I hadn’t enjoyed a a club sandwhich in ages. Both of our meals were really good and both Papa and I drank coffee (moving takes a lot of energy, and a bit of extra pep was of course needed.)

It’s a blessing that I still have a living grandparent and one that lives so closely to me. What a blessing! It was also nice that Papa had already pre-packed some of his house and it make it all so much easier. We got everything else packed up, moved and unpacked into the new house in a bit over 8 hours, total.

The only thing left is to move the heavy furniture, which family and friends are coming over tomorrow with pickups and muscle to help move the last of it!


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