Saturday Evening Folk Concert, Schloss Gartenhalle

While walking to the tram one day,a poster, advertisement caught my eye. To my delight, it was featuring, showcasing an upcoming concert, featuring Folk Music from across the ages and the globe, instantly causing giddiness for me, even more so when I found that the event offered free entrance!!!

Delightfully, Thomas and I dressed for the occasion and off we went for a beautiful evening of enchanting music, which included folk music:

John Phillip Souza

Williams (English Folk Song Suite, Seventeen Come Sunday, Intermezzo, Folk Songs from Somerset)

Galle (Bohmischer Traum)

Llan Alcazar

De Meij (Songs from the Castskills)

Manilow/De Meij (Copacaban)

Grainger (Irish Tune from County Derry)

R. Hariman/Bernaerts (Lord of the Dance)

Please, listen to the videos below. I hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed it.

Director: Julian Reichard

#Ettlingen #Folkmusik #Musikverein

MV “Harmonie” Ruppur