A Rush to see 4 Presidents–Best Friends Road Trip to Mt. Rushmore!

An adventure of a lifetime with my bestest friend in the whole world! Kevin planned it out for us, which was a huge treat for me. I flew into Colorado to join forces with Kevin and then off we went!

Mt. Rushmore, featuring 4 U.S. carved into the Black hills, is absolutely stunning! The entrance to the national monument is free but it does cost a minimal price to park (and we got rock star parking near the entrance!)

While it was hot, hence the floppy hat donned by me, it was a picture perfect day in South Dakota! Kevin’s fit bit marked that we walked almost 2 miles around the site and it was well worth the tired feet. The park does offer plenty of photo opprotunities and places to relax and take in the views, which is awesome when you are with your bestest friend and want to soak it all in!

Along the walk way, each state is represented with a flag and a stone marker of when it was inducted into the USA, as a state officially, which is rather interesting. I learned that my home base state was inducted after Nebraska, which is suprising but both states were part of the Louisianna purchase, so all is good.

Kevin and I enjoyed the day thoroughly and even purchased a few postcards (will come in another post.)


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