Sunshine, Sail boat and a State Park-Sitting on the dock of the “bay” at Tugaloo State Park, Gum Log, Georgia

Sitting on the dock of the “bay” is somewhat accurate, I enjoyed the sunshine on the banks of the Gum Log River/Lake Hartwell conjunction at Tugaloo State Park today, just outside of Gum Log, Georgia. A short, 30 minute drive from Pickens County, an adventure beckoned with such fine and fair weather.

I briefly stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center (after drinking 2 bottles of Spring Water) after I crossed state lines and inquired of the attendant (a very nice lady, whom not only was well informed and educated). She made the recommendation of Tugaloo State park, describing it as a quiet, local venue with superb scenery, amenities, and much more. She wasn’t wrong, she hit the nail on the head for this adventure!

The weather was, indeed, superb. The sun shone brightly, a nice breeze whisped it way through the trees, creating a ripple on the river and lake, and one could hear the birds chirping, traffic was at a bare minimum, and the delights were enjoyed. Stopping by the Rangers station, I purchased a day pass for my vehicle ($5 is a great price for a day pass for a park and allows abundant time to enjoy.) The Ranger Station also offered a small selection of postcards, so of course, I purchased a few to share with family and friends.

A first occured for me, being that I never witnessed a boat being launched before and today, the experience presented itself to me. I am not boat expert but the man did have an externial propellar motor and a sail rigged up and watching the man get the boat down the ramp and unloaded into the water from the trailer was quite interesting. (See the video below)

My packed picnic was unpacked on a park bench (with a small “picnic blanket”) and I soaked in the sunshine, enjoyed a 15 minute trail walk and simply, sat on the dockside of the area, enjoying nature’s finest.

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