Day 1 Of Lent-Making Things Better

Lent has officiailly begun as of today. It’s 40 days until Easter morning, when Jesus will rise from the tomb, after being crucified and buried, he will rise again but until then, the period of Lent signifies the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, fasting and praying.

Is this the “norm” for my blog? Not quite my standard, here at least, no. Adventures of faith is not a way I would describe it, as faith is a daily aspect for me and sharing is perhaps a better way of expressing it.

For inquiring minds, no, I am not Catholic (although my Sweetness is Roman Catholic). I was raised and remain Lutheran (the sect that broke off from The Roman Catholic Church during the Reformatoin in Worms, Germany when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesesis on the doors of the Church in Wurtemburg, Germany).

In many sectors of Christianity, the celebration of the Lenten period, giving up something “valuable” or adding something to positively change/alter the person’s life, as part of their faith, is often practiced in honor of Jesus’s time in the desert, leading up to his trial.

This year, after much prayer and consideration, I decided to give up Dr. Pepper (and I am a Dr. Pepper “junkie”) and fast food-while I am a big “fan” of nuggests and sub sandwhiches and really hot, deep fried french fries, I will forego these delights during the Lent period.

I am choosing to add something positive this year by working on my list of things to do, to make progress in my own life in good, positive ways, like finishing a knitted throw that I have been somewhat putting off and on for months, working on getting admitted to a local college to finish my bachelors degree, spending more time with my Godson (he is just a few months old), landing better employment to adequately support myself better and therefore reducing my stress (leaving my mind more open to better, stress free things.) The list goes on and on. Writing on my blog is another aspect of self-improvement and doing things that are good for me (even though I stress about spending quality time and such on myself, another aspect of doing better that will be worked on During Lent.) Stagnant, that is where my personal improvement and bettering myself has been as of late and Making Things Better is the positive aspect and component I intend of working on during Lent, to walk with Jesus more.


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