Fish Fry at home, super easy

  Making a meal at home is super easy, especially when a friend shared a recipe (or two) to help keep things interesting and tasty (read, I was tired of the same ol' same old dishes that I was making.) I recalled that while I live in the South-East parts of the United States, Fried … Continue reading Fish Fry at home, super easy

Simple Salads

Sometimes cooking and firing up the stove-oven isn't an appealing option, tired or not.  Salads are simple, easy and convenient to make (and often inexpensive.)   The Salami salad: 1/2 Head Iceberg lettuce Small jar of green olives (pit free) 2 slices of your favorite real cheese green salad onions 2 slices of salami Chopped … Continue reading Simple Salads

Olive tapenade Salad

Fresh Spinach Leave and FeldSalat--base Olive Tapenade (pitted black olives, olive oil, fresh basil, Roma tomato, sea salt corse chopped together) Pikante Hummus (cooked Chick peas, a splash of lemon juice, Tahini, splash of balsamic vinaigrette) Feta Cheese Crumbles Dried Cranberries Put all together and toss it all about--super yummy.