Mixing it up with Coffee

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This evening Thomas and I drove to Karlsruhe to help reamp the battery as it had died (resulting in our car needing to be jumped) so we drove around, grabbed coffee at McDonalds (which tastes very different than the blend in the United States.)  A fun evening, taking a ‘Sunday Drive’ around the region, drinking coffee (which is always a good idea) and putting some charge back in the battery.

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Coming to a close as the year winds down

2016 is winding down and coming to a close…and it has been an enourmously eventufl year for me. Upon reminiscing over the year, realizing just how much has occured over the past 365 days. The dream list, posted in January of this year, I successfully marked off several components.

Here are just a few of this years occurences:

  • My brother got married and I caught the bouquet
  • I hosted a final garage sale, selling the general contents of my house
  • I moved to a foriegn country
  • Danced in a public venue
  • Enjoyed a live Baroque Quartet
  • Sampled Many different worldy beverages, many of them ocffee in origin
  • I learned how to navitage and use the tram, buses, and other public transportation in Germany
  • My best friend had a baby
  • My brother and his wife had a baby.
  • I adventured often in South West Germany
  • I had tea in a castle
  • I climbed to the top of an old fortress tower
  • Met up with an old friend of 20 years (an exchange student that lived with my family)
  • Gave a tour to my Grandfather
  • Practiced baking and cooking, expanding my culinary abilities and flavors
  • Wrote and received mail to and from friends and family
  • Read a childrens book (all on my own) in German
  • Spent Christmas  Eve with German friends
  • Enrolled and attended German language courses
  • Learned how to use WhatsApp
  • Lost Weight
  • Lost a Grandmother and Aunt
  • Attended-toured 3 different Christmas Markets in Germany
  • Petted Donkeys and Goats in a live Nativity
  • Crossed country borders in a car and bus
  • Shopped in a French Super Market
  • Drank Turkish Coffee
  • Thomas and I got a kitten
  • Thomas has started to teach me the joys of soccer
  • Open Air soccer viewing in an open air event
  • video chatted for the first time with friends and family



Chocolate Cherries Compote on Apple Raisin Purses


Step 1 Line muffin tin cups with a crust, fill with apple mix (sliced apples, raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt and ground cloves)


Step 2: Cover each muffin cup with raw crust dough, pinching the dough around the edges, like when making a pie. Trim off any excess crusts.



Step 3: Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, brush melted over the top of each purse and bake for 10 more minutes, until golden brown.



Step 4: Top each purse with homemade chocolate cherry sauce–compote, serve hot. Delicious!!!



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Eggcellent Lunch


Step 1–Peel hard boiled eggs


Step 2 Add diced red bell peppers, green olives, mayonaise, sliced hard boiled eggs, and a pinch of salt


Step Three, mix it all together


Step Four: Put egg salad mixture between two slices of bread, add a leaf or two of lettuce, put sliced vegetables and fruit on the plate to make an whole meal


Another version-option of using hard boiled eggs in a lunch-dinner


Black Forrest National Forrest and a Village


15 kilometers in one day makes a very happy woman, and very tired feet!!!

The adventure began with a tram ride to the North, and disembarking in Raumümzach–which only has one stop for the village (which also boasts a lovely place called ‘Hotel Waterfall’).

I packed my lunch, grabbed my rucksack and off I went exploring, the visual experience was stunning this autumn season but nothing compared to the scent filled fresh air that prevailed itself upon my senses.

I ate my brown bag lunch, overlooking the Murg River near Erbersbronn and a house in the country had chickens as i heard the rooster crow in midday.

Walking leisurely through the hills and valleys (both minor) of the area provided an over abundant wealth of beauty and excitement and a day filled with much peach, quiet and joy.

Directions Post, Erbersbronn, Germany

Directions Post, Erbersbronn, Germany


Black Forrest National Park


The Murg River, near Erbersbronn, Germany

The Black Forrest National Park

The Black Forrest National Park

The Water Fall Hotel, Raumünzach

The Water Fall Hotel, Raumünzach

Raumünzach, a village in the Black Forrest

Raumünzach, a village in the Black Forrest

Reggie, The curious kitty

Reggie is a fuzzy furry welcome—a neighbors Mommy kitty bore a cute litter and once weaned, needed new homes and thus, Reggie came into our lives.

Reggie arrived about a month ago and what a joy!!! Reggie brings much love and excitement, entertainment and laughter to our house with his antics, playful behaviors, and has even started ‘talking’, which cracks me up.

Reggie is kind of small but growing well–he even likes to share his meals with us by eating scrambled eggs and sweet potoatoes in addtion to his  normal kitty kibble, being the gluten he is–when he is not perching here or there or bounching all over the house.


Reggie loves Thomas Best.


Reggie likes to perch near the heater


Comfy time


Reggie loves to snuggle

Date Night at the Irish Pub


Thomas and I on our date night



Date nights are always fun!!

Thomas and I ventured to downtown Ettlingen to the Irish Pub on the Alb River!!!

The barkeep speaks very good English, which is always a big perk for me.

The good news?? We had a lovely date night but i also found a place that serves a pretty good Grog, which is always welcome when the weather starts to get cold and chilly.




I found Grog!!!


Grog is awesome!!!



An Eggy Brunch



6 eggs

1 Bell Pepper (your choice of color), chopped

1/2 small onion (purple or yellow), chopped

2 medium tomatoes, slices in half moons

4 tablespoons salsa

2 bananas

4 pieces of sliced bread (white, wheat, rye, sourdough, your choice)


Salt and Pepper

2 large sliced of real, natural cheese (cheddar, Tillister, gouda, your choice)


Omelette: Lighlty saute the bell pepper, onions, salt and pepper with Sunflower oil (or your favorite oil) in a medium sized skillet, remove half and set aside.

Crack three eggs into to skillet (with half the vegetable mix), stir to mix everything-breaking the yolks on medium/ medium low heat.

Once the eggs start firming up on the bottom, flip entire egg-veggie mixture over (like a flap jack), place half a slice of cheese on the cooked side of the egg mixture.

Once the second side has fully cooked (the eggs are not runny nor crispy-burned) fold the omelette in half over the slice of cheese and remove from the pan (cut this in half to create 2 omelettes)

Repeat these steps with the last 3 eggs and remaining half of bell pepper-onion mix (for 2 more omelletes.)

On eachof four plates: Half of each omellette (topped with salsa), half a banana, half a sliced tomatoe, and a piece of toast (with honey drizzeled on top and cut in half)



What an absolutely wonderful way to experience a small village then by drinking the local fair. The barkeep here at Motodrom is super friendly and very helpful. She obliging gave me some of the local history here in Kirschbaumwasen, Baden Wurtamburg, Germany.

Well worth seeing and spending the day here, great natural scenary with wonderful people, easily accessible by tram.