Reggie, The curious kitty

Reggie is a fuzzy furry welcome—a neighbors Mommy kitty bore a cute litter and once weaned, needed new homes and thus, Reggie came into our lives.

Reggie arrived about a month ago and what a joy!!! Reggie brings much love and excitement, entertainment and laughter to our house with his antics, playful behaviors, and has even started ‘talking’, which cracks me up.

Reggie is kind of small but growing well–he even likes to share his meals with us by eating scrambled eggs and sweet potoatoes in addtion to his  normal kitty kibble, being the gluten he is–when he is not perching here or there or bounching all over the house.

Reggie loves Thomas Best.
Reggie likes to perch near the heater
Comfy time
Reggie loves to snuggle
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