Giving a Schwarzwald tour

Woohoo!! My Grandfather came to visit me….and I marked off another item on my dream-list. I gave a family member a tour!!! Yes, it is true and I found it fun and exciting.

My Grandfather visited from Sunday through Tuesday evening here in Southwest Germany and willingly adventured with me around the area. We had so much fun!! I enjoyed being a tour guide more than I had anticipated. Grandfather was a great companion and we had so much fun together–I found it super nice and enjoyable to experience new coffee places as well with him–while going to some of my favorite places.

We went to the Monastary Ruins in Bad Herrenalb, the Kloster ruins in Frauenalb, the Schloss in Karlruhe and Ratstatt, and enjoyed the lovel art and architecture in St. Alexanders on Marktplatz in Ratstatt. A lovely fountain, bridge, and river tour in Ettlingen also had taken place, with coffee and lunches intermixed in our ventures–we used the tram and sometimes the car, making transportation very versatitle and easy.

All the places we went to gave us the beautiful sites and scenes of the Black Forrest, also being able to see the changing of the leaves this autumn–all in all, quite an event.

Want to check out some of the hot places we dined and enjoyed coffee?? The links and references are below.


Golden Mann Cafe Am Schloss Ratstatt

Schwarzwald Stub (Restaurant) Bad Herrenalb, Germany (no website) Kurpromenade 5, 76332 Bad Herrenalb, Germany

DLounge (Coffee shop), Karlsruhe, Germany

Täglich (Restaurant), Ettlingen, Germany

Drinking from a fountain, Karlsruhes Downtown
The River Alb, Running through downtown Ettlingen
Schloss Karlsruhe Statue Tours
The River Alb, Frauenalb Germany
We stopped at a local Bakery for snacks and coffee, a German classic
Taking a break from touring the Black Forrest at the DLounge, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe, Germany
1000 year old ruins at Frrauenalb, Germany, in the heart of the Black Forrest
My grandfather in Frauenalb, standing next to a very old, established trees by the ruins.
Grandfather and I riding the trams to adventure together
The Verranda on Schloss Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe,
The Crest of the Markgraf Wilhelm von Baden Baden, primary resident of the Schloss Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Baden Wurtemburg Germany
Exquisite Cappucinos at the Cafe Am Schloss, Ratstatt, Germany
the Tour guide (me) outside of St. Martins Church, Ettlingen, Germany
Grandfather crossings the Lockets of Love Bridge, Ettlingen, Germany
The flood water marker on St. Alexanders Cathedral, Marktplatz, Ratstatt, Germany
Wooden Pews and grandfather, St. Martins Church, Kirch platz, Ettlingen, Germany
Roman Ruins, Bad Herrenalb, Germany
Grandfather and I, Kloster Ruins, Bad Herrenalb, Germany
Dropping postcards in the post for loved ones back in the States
Roman Ruins near the Protestant Church (1650) Bad Herrenalb, Germany
A tradtional German lunch at Schwarzwald Stub, Bad Herrenalb, Germany


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