Struy Guest House, Cozy place to stay in Inverness

The Struy Guest House has honestly been the very best accommodation that I have stayed in while traveling and adventuring. The property manager, Kasper, has been super friendly and accommodating, the premises clean and neat, everything is tidy, and it is very affordable. I love that it is located about a Mile from downtown Inverness, … Continue reading Struy Guest House, Cozy place to stay in Inverness

Giving a Schwarzwald tour

Woohoo!! My Grandfather came to visit me....and I marked off another item on my dream-list. I gave a family member a tour!!! Yes, it is true and I found it fun and exciting. My Grandfather visited from Sunday through Tuesday evening here in Southwest Germany and willingly adventured with me around the area. We had … Continue reading Giving a Schwarzwald tour

Date Night at the Irish Pub

Date nights are always fun!! Thomas and I ventured to downtown Ettlingen to the Irish Pub on the Alb River!!! The barkeep speaks very good English, which is always a big perk for me. The good news?? We had a lovely date night but i also found a place that serves a pretty good Grog, … Continue reading Date Night at the Irish Pub

Pumpkin Spice Fall Fashion

A very long #pumpkin #spice colored #fashion and warm #scarf. Folded over and doubled on a chair. It is very #long and would work great as a #scarf #wrap #shawl or #accessory around there are so many options of how you could wear this.The photo looks on the red side but the coloring is truly … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Fall Fashion

Over the River–and into Lauterbourg, France

  A new friend's invitation drove me to the edge, over the river, and thru the woods to a local French Restaurant---Au Bord Du Rhin Changing countries in this part of Europe is easy, by American standards. Planes, trains, automobiles, trams and so much more make it convienent and super accesible to cross borders. The … Continue reading Over the River–and into Lauterbourg, France

St. Martins Church, Ettlingen, Baden-Wartümberg, Germany

One lovely, very sunny (and thus hot day), I leisurely went into St. Martins to enjoy the shade and for prayers.  The church was silent, in reverence of peace and quiet--the church being void of other humans. I bolted upright from a very bizarre sound, not from the ding dang dong of the musical bells, … Continue reading St. Martins Church, Ettlingen, Baden-Wartümberg, Germany

Kneipp Bath

Spending time with my sweetheart is such a joy--I asked a local woman what the open-air foot/leg bath and arm bath-trough was intended for--and she answered (with a smile) that it is for health and refreshment....exactly what we needed on a hot, hot summer day. Thomas and I sluffed off our shoes and went for … Continue reading Kneipp Bath

A cool summer meal

Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don't fall at least 10 times, then you're not skiing hard enough. Guy Fieri Summer Pasta Salad..My Recipe 1 pkg spirally pasta--cooked accordingly to the package directions--drained and cooled 2 small ripe tomatoes, chunked 1 can of sliced, pitted black olives Sunflower Oil 6 large basil leaves, minced … Continue reading A cool summer meal

Country Roads, Rheinstetten

Sunday Drives are always lovely, especially with suprises. The Rhein, with aid from heavy rains, ran over its banks. There is a levy that blocks the road from Rheinstetten to the next town as it is unsafe to cross--being flooded. An adventure is wonderful--with a small price of just 2 liters of gasoline in the … Continue reading Country Roads, Rheinstetten

The Porcelain Palace–

Amazing day!! The chapel is not normally open to tourists-visitors but today, with special perimissin, Thomas and I not only got a tour of the private chapel on estate grounds but I also was given the opprotunity to cross something off my bucket list--our guide ENCOURAGED me, with full permission (without me even asking) to … Continue reading The Porcelain Palace–